Anti-Slip Coatings for Floors & Slippery Surfaces

    Some of the floors and stairs in and around your home or business weren’t specifically designed with the needed traction. Avoid unnecessary accidents on your property by investing in specialized anti-slip coatings.

    Anti-slip coating solutions for residential and commercial floors

    Residential and commercial properties aren’t always built with the highest standard of safety in mind. Especially, floors can be a safety hazard if it is left untreated. No matter which floors you have installed in and around your home or business, if it doesn’t have the needed traction, a slip or fall accident can happen at any time. Floors that need an anti-slip coating to increase grip include concrete, tiles, brick, metal, and wood.

    While all surfaces in and around your property should be coated, bathrooms should be on top of your list. Bathroom surfaces, including enamel, acrylic, and fiberglass, can be particularly slippery, especially because water and soap are often present.

    SlipDoctors are specialists when it comes to coating slippery floors and offers a range of excellent quality non-slip coatings designed for this purpose. Our range of anti-slip coating products includes Floor Grip, Deck Grip, Dura Grip, Tuff Grip, and Polish Grip, each non-slip coating solution is designed with specific customer requirements and flooring in mind. For bathroom surfaces, Anti-slip Spray can be used to improve traction.

    Benefits of SlipDoctors’ anti-slip floor coating products 
    1. Top-quality
    2. Easy to apply 
    3. Long-lasting and durable 
    4. Beautiful finishes 
    5. Affordable

      A slip or fall accident can happen at any second. Don’t wait for someone to get hurt, treat slippery floors, including wood, tiles, concrete, and metal, with non-slip coatings and paint that will last for many years.

      When you are looking for a non-skid coating for your floors, you must keep certain aspects in mind. Choosing the right product can be tricky. If you require assistance with finding the right product or have any questions or queries, please contact SlipDoctors’ flooring experts – we are always ready to assist.