Alpha Grip for pickleball court, basketball court or any other sports facilities.

Welcome to our gallery featuring beautiful pictures of our clients' pickleball and basketball courts, using Alpha Grip anti-slip paint.

Are you wondering how to build a pickleball court? When building a pickleball court, the necessary steps include measuring and marking the court with the right dimensions, preparing the ground surface, and installing the required fencing and netting. To create a high-quality pickleball court surface, it is important to consider the type of surfacing (acrylic or asphalt) as well as ensuring proper drainage and accurate line marking.

With Alpha Grip, you can create an anti-slip surface that's perfect for pickleball court flooring, guaranteeing both fun and safety. Alpha Grip's traction pattern is specially designed to provide a firm grip on the court, reducing the risk of slipping and allowing you to perform your best in sports like pickleball or basketball. 

This non-skid paint is designed for use on asphalt and concrete, particularly in busy areas such as indoor or outdoor sports facilities. In addition to its traction benefits, Alpha Grip's non-skid paint is also the ideal solution for creating precise lines on the court. You can read more on pickleball courts dimensions