Slip Testing Lab Testing

Do you need a slip test for your surface? Contact SlipDoctors and request a quote. Virtually any surface can be tested if it is larger than 6” x 6” in size. Customers can ship the surface to the SlipDoctors Testing Lab at the following address:

SlipDoctors Testing Lab
2101 Midway Road, Suite 350
Carrollton, TX 75006

Need the surface returned after testing? Please include a prepaid label or we are happy to ship it back to you with a nominal shipping charge.

Each test will be conducted by a Walkway Safety Specialist certified from the National Floor Safety Institute and trained directly from manufacturer of each Tribometer. Pricing starts at $199.00 per surface.

Need help deciding what type of test? Call us to discuss your situation. We have provided Slip Testing reports for the Department of Health, inspectors, insurance companies, brands, architects, designers, manufacturers, attorneys, construction companies, and many others.

Test Price Purchase
ASTM E 303-22 $199.00 per test Contact Us
Pendulum DCOF Test $199.00 per test Contact Us
ANSI A137.1 $199.00 per surface Buy Now
ANSI A326.3 $199.00 per surface Buy Now
ANSI B101.3 $199.00 per surface Buy Now
(Formerly ANSI) NFSI B101.1 $199.00 per surface Buy Now
RUSH FEE One Business Day $79.00 per report Contact Us


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