Buy Slip Testing Equipment

    Floors are tested to monitor floor safety for slip and fall prevention. For this purpose, you require a Tribometer or slip meter. This type of meter is an instrument used to measure coefficient of friction and can assist to determine if a floor or walkway is safe for use. When you have a coefficient of friction measurement device you can get instant results, which allows you to invest in anti-slip solutions if required.

    We offer a variety of slip testing equipment to meet your needs. Our range of slip meters ranges from the advanced, user-friendly, digital Tribometer BOT-3000E, to the industry's new arrival, the American Slip Meter 925. Both measuring DCOF as required by ANSI A326.3 or ANSI A137.1  Measuring your surface's safety has never been easier with our slip testing equipment. Our products are easy to use and will help you to measure coefficient of friction on your surfaces in minutes. Our products are also affordably priced to suit your pocket.

    At SlipDoctors we understand that everyone has different requirements, therefore, we offer a range of solutions to suit a variety of needs. If you don’t want to purchase your own slip meters, we offer flexible rental options for the BOT-3000E, ASM 925 and ASM 825A. If you do not want to perform slip tests on your own, we offer slip tests in our lab for a variety of surfaces, including tiles, concrete, metal, vinyl and various other types of floors.  Additionally we can offere competitive pricing to come to your facility and prepare a report for an additional fee.  Contact us to learn more.