Non-Slip Coatings & Paint for Wood

Safeguard your wooden floors and stairs with SlipDoctors’ premium non-slip coatings and sprays for wood.

Looking to solve a slippery wooden floor or stairs problem? Take a look into a leading range of non-slip for wood to avoid dangerous slip and fall accidents. At SlipDoctors you will find a premium range of highly effective anti-slip for wood solutions that are built-to-last for years to come.

Our team understands our customers’ requirements when it comes to non-slip for wood stairs and floors. SlipDoctors products are designed to suit a variety of needs no matter if you simply want to increase traction using a clear finish or even paint the slippery wooden floor a completely new color.

Our range of non-slip products for wooden surfaces include:

Non-Slip Coating for Wood

Floor Grip offers a barefoot-friendly, high-traction finish on wood surfaces that is both scratch and chemical resistant. This exclusive roll-on anti-slip coating is a clear, water-based urethane sealer designed for creating slip protection on interior wood floors and stairs. Floor Grip non-slip coating for wood will dry in just 6 to 12 hours and is available in gloss or matte finish. Click here for more.

Anti-slip Spray for Wood

SlipDoctors’ anti-slip spray for wood solution is an epoxy aerosol spray that provides a clear, finely textured finish on most wooden surfaces. It is nearly invisible, barefoot-friendly, lead-free and chemical resistant. This non-slip wood spray is ideal for use on both interior and exterior surfaces where slip-resistance is needed. It is the perfect solution to treat small or irregularly shaped surfaces and can also be used to protect your beloved pets from sliding around the house. Click here for more.

Non-Skid Paint for Wood

SlipDoctors non-slip paint for wood comes in a variety of colors.  If you require a higher level of traction but need a more durable barefoot-friendly finish, then Dura Grip non-slip paint for wood is the way to go. If you need higher traction then consider using our most extreme non-skid for wood, Tuff Grip. Tuff Grip non-skid for wood offers an intense level of protection in a deeply textured finish and is ideal for use on wooden stairs or ramps. Click here for more.

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