Is Your Dog Slipping on the Floors in Your Home? Find a Solution Today.

Is Your Dog Slipping on the Floors in Your Home? Find a Solution Today.

Your pets are part of the family. Therefore, it's important to consider them in the accessibility of your home. Every year, vets must treat many pets with injuries from serious slips on sleek floors. Dogs and cats' paws aren't made to walk and run on sleek, hard surfaces. Many pets struggle to walk and run on slippery floors and this can lead to dangerous falls. Especially, tiles, vinyl and laminate flooring, as well as stairs can lead to slips, slides and falls.

It's important to keep your four-legged friends in mind when it comes to the flooring in your home. If you find your cat or dog slipping on floors, you need to find solutions to increase traction. Luckily, there are many effective products on the market for this issue.  

How to stop dog slipping on floors  

If you look around your home, you will find many areas that may be dangerous to your pets, including tiles and synthetic flooring. If you find your dog slipping on tile floors in your home, you need to invest in a durable and effective solution. Once you have flooring that your dog won't slip on, you will have peace of mind that your dog is safe to move around your house.  

Blankets will not stop your dog from slipping   

Many people think that throwing blankets on the floor will stop dogs from slipping. This is not the case. Blankets can actually increase slipperiness, as it will move as the pet moves across it.  

Do non-slip booties or socks work?  

Non-slip booties and socks may help your dog from slipping on your sleek floors, but it is an unnatural solution. Dogs do not want to wear socks or booties on their paws 24/7. These products must also be veterinary-approved, as it can lead to irritation of the paws. Booties and socks also need to be cleaned and often replaced which can be expensive in the long run. 

Add carpets to your floors  

Carpets and rugs can decrease slips and falls, but it can be an expensive option. With pets in the house, these will need to be washed and replaced often.  

Change the flooring in your home 

If you find that your pets are slipping on your floors often, you can consider replacing your floors. However, this is a highly expensive option and you do not have a 100% guarantee that your floors will be completely non-slip and paw-friendly once replaced.  

Instead of lifting your current flooring, you can simply invest in non-slip coatings for your current floors.  

Non-slip coatings to stop your dog from slipping  

Many anti-slip products on the market can increase the traction of your floors.

Stop dog paws slipping on floors with the following products:  

Products such as Stone GripDeck Grip, Floor Grip and Non-Slip Wood Spray from SlipDoctors can increase traction within minutes and are safe for soft paws. SlipDoctors takes floor safety seriously and has developed a premium range of non-slip tile, vinyl and laminate surface products and accessories. 

Stone Grip is a durable, pet-friendly non-slip tile treatment solution that is quick and easy-to-apply, with a sprayer, microfiber T-mop or Stone Grip Applicator. With Stone Grip you can keep the look of your floors as it goes on clear. 

Deck Grip anti-slip tile coating can be used on both indoor and outdoor slippery tiled surfaces and is safe for pets. Deck Grip is effortless to apply and results in a beautiful clear, semi-gloss and barefoot-friendly finish. 

Floor Grip our exclusive roll-on anti-slip coating is a clear, water-based urethane sealer designed for creating an anti-slip coating on interior wood, vinyl, vinyl composition tile (VCT), cork, laminate, linoleum surfaces, and more. 

Non-Slip Extra Fine Clear Spray is an epoxy aerosol spray that provides a clear, hard, finely textured finish on wood and vinyl surfaces. It is virtually invisible, barefoot-friendly and paw friendly, lead-free and chemical resistant. 

Pets can slip for various reasons and sometimes these can lead to serious injuries that require veterinary attention. Therefore, you need to invest in pet-friendly products that are highly effective

Our dogs and cats give us so much joy, help them to have quality lives in your home. Don't wait until your pet injures itself, get non-slip treatments for your surfaces today.

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