Pet-Friendly Non-Slip Products

    Our pets give us so much joy, they deserve to have quality lives in our homes. Don't wait until your dog or cat injures itself, get effective non-slip treatments for the floors in your home today.

    Pet-Friendly Non-Slip Products

    If you look around your home, you will find many areas that aren't exactly designed for pet paws. Our four-legged friends are part of our families and it is important to ensure that they can move around the home with ease and comfort. If you leave slippery surfaces untreated, your beloved dogs and cats can easily slip, and this can lead to dangerous injuries and large vet bills. If you want to improve the accessibility of your home for your pets, it's time to find a suitable solution. Luckily, many products on the market can increase cat and dog paw traction on surfaces and will avoid cat and dog paws slipping on floors.

    At SlipDoctors we take pride in offering a range of non-slip products for floors that are not only durable and affordable but also completely pet-friendly. We understand that dogs and cats' paws aren't made to walk and run on sleek, hard surfaces and therefore, we stock and sell quality products to keep our little furry friends safe. Our range includes Floor GripDeck GripStone Grip, Non-slip Safety Tape, each solution designed with specific customer requirements and flooring in mind. 

    Slip-resistant to avoid dog paws slipping on floors

    Whether you have tile or stone floors in your home, you have to consider if it is safe for your pets to use. If you find your floor too slippery for dogs and cats, it's time to treat your surfaces. At SlipDoctors we understand that your pets are incredibly important to you and your family and therefore, we stock a range specifically designed with bare feet and paws in mind. Our range includes a product for every requirement, and we will go out of our way to ensure that you choose the correct solution for your needs. If you want to increase cat and dog paw traction on your floors, consider:  

    Stone Grip: A pet-friendly non-slip tile treatment solution that is easy to apply and won't change the look of your tile or stone surfaces. 

    Floor Grip: A roll-on anti-slip coating designed for creating a durable coating on interior wood, vinyl, vinyl composition tile (VCT), cork, laminate, linoleum surfaces, and more. 

    Deck Grip: A product that is effortless to apply on stone and concrete floors and results in a beautiful clear, semi-gloss barefoot- and pet-friendly finish. 

    SlipDoctors has more products on offer in the non-slip pet-friendly range. View our product range below to find a solution that suits your needs.  

    Benefits of SlipDoctors’ pet-friendly anti-slip products

    1. Quick and easy to apply

    2. Durable and lasting finishes

    3. Affordable

    4. Top-quality 

    If you consider your pets part of your family, you must ensure that your home is completely accessible to them. Don't wait until your cat or dog injures itself when it slips on your sleek floors, invest in a high-quality anti-slip product today and increase cat and dog paw traction.  

    Have a question or require advice on the type of pet-friendly non-slip products you require for your home? Our team of anti-slip experts at SlipDoctors are ready to assist! Contact us today with your questions or queries and we will ensure that you get the right answers and advice.