Home Safety Tips for your Elderly Loved Ones

Home Safety Tips for your Elderly Loved Ones

If your senior loved one chooses to remain at home throughout ageing, there are several considerations to ensure their absolute safety. The most important parts of securing your home are ensuring clutter is removed, corners with sharp edges are eliminated and slippery floors are treated.

There are several methods to ensure enhanced safety for seniors in the home. From installing railings, and keeping floors dry to investing in slip-resistant floor tiles. Let's explore some of the areas that should be a priority for safety in the home.

Safeguarding the kitchen

It is important to check storage areas that are above your senior loved one's waist, and reorganize kitchen essentials so that all heavy items are stored in a more easily accessible location. It’s also essential to ensure that the kitchen floor remains clean and clear from tripping hazards and dry at all times.

Safeguard steps and stairs

Steps and stairs in or around the home is a major slip-and-fall accident risk. To ensure your elderly loved one can safely use steps and stairs, it is important to remove any tripping hazards and to install proper lighting for better navigation, especially at night.

You can also install a railing along steps or stairs. However, it is important to remember that not everyone will always use the railing, especially when carrying something. Therefore, it is always recommended to invest in a non-slip solution to treat slippery surfaces along with any other safety measures. The best paint for interior wood stairs is designed to improve the traction on slippery steps and stairs without changing the appearance of your floors.  

Work towards achieving slip-resistant floor tiles and surfaces in the bathroom


Bathroom Surfaces
Most slips, trips and falls happen in the bathroom. This is because the combination of wet and soapy conditions make surfaces extra slippery. For this, you require a highly durable non-slip solution to increase traction on your bathroom surfaces.

Instead of installing a completely new shower, bathtub or slip-resistant floor tiles, you can easily treat your existing bathroom surfaces with an effective non-slip solution. Let's explore a few solutions that can work in your bathroom.

Solutions to achieve non-slip shower tiles and other bathroom surfaces

Stone Grip

Stone Grip is designed to dramatically increase traction and improve safety on slippery floors even when wet. The product is easy to apply and creates microscopic treads to achieve non-slip shower tiles, as well as concrete and stone floors in just minutes.

What clients say about Stone Grip

“I found Stone Grip online, called and spoke with a knowledgeable rep, and ordered. Yesterday I treated the shower floor, testing as recommended and let Stone Grip sit for 15 minutes before neutralizing and rinsing. My 83-year-old customer took a shower not long thereafter and called to let me know he thought it made an enormous difference. He said before he started the water the floor was slippery as usual, but once it was wet the traction improved greatly.”

Clear Non-Slip Spray

Non-Slip Spray is an epoxy aerosol that provides a hard, textured finish on both interior and exterior surfaces. It is designed for areas where water is present or slippery conditions exist such as fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs and showers. This convenient aerosol spray is the perfect solution to treat small or irregularly shaped surfaces where increased traction is desired.

What clients say about Non-Slip Spray

“I found SlipDoctors Clear Non-Slip Spray and decided it was worth giving it a try. It was easy to follow the directions and the product worked perfectly. My 93-year-old mother can now shower without fear of slipping. I would highly recommend this product.”

Bathtub Kit

The Bathtub Kit is an exclusive treatment specifically for bathrooms, including porcelain or ceramic bathtubs and showers. The kit is specially formulated to interact with the minerals in porcelain and ceramic surfaces to increase surface traction. It is easy to apply and only takes about 10 minutes.

Have a question or require advice?

If you are ready to treat your floors but are unsure about which product is right for you, talk to the team at SlipDoctors. We will help you to find the perfect solution. 

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