Slip Tests for Flooring Manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer of any type flooring products, bathtub, shower, or even coatings at some point in time you will be requested to have independent third party slip-resistant testing to National Industry Standards showing traction levels.   

Why should you slip test? 

As a manufacturer once you encounter a requests regarding traction level and you’re not sure how to get this test performed.  Questions can be asked in both wet and dry conditions or various standards.  It important you communicate with a trained expert in the field with proper instruments to ensure the correct report is provided.  Slip-resistant testing reporting can be requested by architects, designers, and engineers who evaluate surfaces for new construction. They can also be requested by inspectors, state officials or even brand standards.

If you are a floor manufacturer we recommend that you get an accurate assessment of the accident risk as well as the level of compliance to standards for slip-resistance. Our team offers expert reporting at reasonable rates for either in-house or field slip-resistance testing services.  SlipDoctors is trusted by many major flooring manufacturers and can test all types of flooring.  A simple email can start the evaluation.

How does a slip test work?

Slip testing involves measuring the coefficient of friction of surfaces and should be performed according to specific standards. At SlipDoctors we can use various testing equipment.  Some popular equipment is our BOT-3000E or ASM 925 for Dynamic Coefficient of Friction test.  A detailed report is provided showing if the surface passed the appropriate test.

The data from this test is highly valuable when applying for certain standards and ensuring your product's slip-resistance is satisfactory for use. 

Our knowledgeable Walkway Auditors will help test your flooring surfaces and assist in determining how best to improve traction to ensure you meet with latest national ANSI or NFSI standards. 

Need a slip test? Discuss your requirements with our team. We understand testing can be critical with fast turnaround.  For an additional fee we can perform same day testing if many situations. 

Want to perform your own in-house slip testing?

SlipDoctors also offers a range of slip testing equipment for hire. View our rental options and contact us for any questions or advice. Same day and overnight shipping may be available! 

Need training or instruction on how to use the instruments?

SlipDoctors can consult over the phone or even in person to assist with your testing.  Our trained Walkway Auditors are happy to assist so you can perform your own on-site testing to meet your needs.