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Pro Grip is a non-slip spray-on rubberized paint coating formulated to work on a variety of surfaces. It is specifically designed to create a rubber texture that is flexible and has a softer feel while offering a high level of slip resistance.  Available in a variety of colors.  The base color is a speckled gray.  This unique recycled rubber coating has been called "revolutionary" by our customers making it ideal in various application settings and ideal on virtually any barefoot condition.   

This rubberized non-skid paint coating can be used on most metals, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, tiles, and concrete. Some areas where Pro Grip anti-skid rubberized paint can be applied include courts, boats, play areas, splash pads, wood decks, barns, trailers, and virtually anywhere where barefoot or sports shoes are typical. Pro Grip non-skid rubber, highly durable paint which can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces and is highly flexible making it ideal for most locations.

Pro Grip non-slip spray grip coating is available in multiple colors and can also be dyed in a variety of shades to match the appearance of different interior and exterior spaces.  Mix and match and have fun with your designs.  Please review all TDS information below prior to any new application.   If this is your first time using this product, please allow time to conduct an appropriate test.  Please contact us for additional "Dye Packs” to create custom colors and options.  We cannot guarantee exact colors on your application.  Dye Packs allows our customer to have full control of colors prior to application.  Always test.

Ideally, Pro Grip non-slip rubberized coating should be applied with a hopper gun and compressor. The non-slip coating can also be applied using a paintbrush. Click here to find our recommended hopper gun

Installation Instructions (TDS) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Pro Grip is a non-slip rubber paint that creates enhanced safety, great comfort under feet and paws, and sound-deadening properties. This non-skid concrete, wood, and metal coating is resistant to water and most stains. However, it should not be continuously submerged without testing. Pro Grip non-slip rubber paint is the ideal solution for areas around swimming pools and on decks and boats or even gentle cleat traffic. 

Pro Grip rubberized non-skid spray coating is a one-part water-based rubber coating. It is easy to apply with a paintbrush or spray hopper gun and dries to the touch in a few hours. Light traffic in 48 hours. Maximum strength and adhesion of this anti-slip spray are achieved in 7 days.  Please note:  Texture will be different and less consistent using a brush vs hopper gun.   

One 5-gallon pail of this non-skid paint will cover about 150 square feet when per coat.  Second coats will get further coverage. This can be impacted by the texture of the surface and the method of application.  Two coats are required for most applications. SlipDoctors cannot guarantee adhesion or color consistency.  Please contact us with further questions prior to your new application of this non-slip rubberized coatings.

Surface Preparation:

Surface preparation varies by surface. Please see the technical data sheet for specific preparation instructions.  Many situations require water-based primers or self-etching primers.


Once thoroughly stirred, the coating can be applied with a brush or by spraying using a hopper gun at 60-65 PSI. For outdoor applications, the surface temperature should be above 45°F (12°C). If above 80°F (27°C), concrete and wood surfaces can be dampened to enhance spreadability. A dry coating of 25 to 45 mils thickness (applied in two coats). For sound-deadening and greater non-conductive features, a thicker application may be desired.


The surface can be cleaned by power washing or scrubbing with a deck brush and rinsing thoroughly.

Customer Reviews

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Susan V.
Long time user - brush-on application

Here are some photos. The Pro Grip has been down for many years and applied with a 4" paintbrush. We want to freshen up. What we want to do is start with one 5-gallon and get it in and then see how much more we think we need to order and make sure we like mixing in the colorant. Thanks!

Thank you for purchasing our product and for sharing your experience with us. Team SlipDoctors

Benjamin M.

Pro Grip Non-Skid Rubberized Coating

Thank you for purchasing our product. Team SlipDoctors

Looks and Safety for our amusement park

We love this product and use it for many locations throughout our facility. Looks great with great traction.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Team SlipDoctors

B H.
Excellent product!

I love the texture and feel of the final product.

Thank you for taking the time to review our product. Team SlipDoctors

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