When summer comes around, having a pool is a great way for everyone to lap up the sun and enjoy time in the water. But all the fun can suddenly fade away if you, a loved one or a guest takes a tumble. Pool areas are infamous for being slippery so it doesn't take much for an accident to happen. An anti-slip solution for slippery pool areas is the answer.

But with all the different types of surfaces used around swimming pool areas, it can be tricky to know which product is best to use. To help you, we explore some of the most popular swimming pool areas and how to treat them.

Products to consider to treat slippery underwater surfaces

The surface of your pool, hot tub or spa steps is specifically designed to be smooth for water to collect correctly and feel more comfortable against the skin. But this feature makes it easy to slip on underwater surfaces. This is why it's important to treat these areas with a quality non-slip solution. Two products to consider include:

      1. Anti-Slip Spray is an epoxy aerosol that produces a hard, textured finish that helps to increase slip resistance. It is specifically designed for areas where water is present and works great on fiberglass and acrylic. For surfaces that are fully submerged under water, the area must be prepped. The prep involves three coats and a cure time of 72 hours.
      2. Stone Grip is a product designed to dramatically increase traction and improve slip resistance of tiles on pool steps. It can be used on porcelain, stone or ceramic surfaces and is very effective for underwater pool steps and flooring.

      Products to treat natural stone pool areas

      Installing natural stone tiles around pool areas is a great way to enhance the aesthetic charm of any outdoor space. However, natural stone can be extremely slippery when wet. So, it's important to invest in quality non-slip paint for pool deck areas. Some options include:

        1. Stone Grip works by creating microscopic treads that dramatically improve traction on slippery surfaces in just minutes. It is a great option if you don't want to change the appearance of your natural stone tiles.
        2. Deck Grip is another anti-slip coating that results in a clear finish. The major benefit of Deck Grip is that it is resistant to UV and chlorine. This makes it the perfect solution for patios and pool areas that get lots of sun.

          Pool deck anti-slip coatings for wood decks and sealed tiles

          Some surfaces around pools are more unique and require specialized treatments. For wood, the following non-slip paint for pool deck areas is recommended:

            1. Dura Grip is an anti-slip surface coating specifically designed to provide a UV-resistant and durable textured paint finish on wood decks.

              If the tiles around your pool area have already been sealed, the following product is ideal for improving the slip-resistance of tiles:

                1. Deck Grip is a versatile non-slip coating that results in a clear and barefoot-friendly finish that is resistant to chemicals and UV rays. It can be used on both sealed or unsealed concrete decks, natural stone surfaces and tiles.

                  Anti-slip spray for fiberglass and acrylic hot tubs

                  Because of the smooth surfaces of fiberglass and acrylic hot tubs, they can be incredibly slippery. To increase the safety of anyone using your hot tub, you have to ensure the surface is effectively treated with paint for fiberglass pool steps or one of these solutions:

                    1. Anti-Slip Caution Tape has an abrasive texture that offers maximum protection against slips and falls. It features a strong adhesive backing that is highly durable and resistant to moisture.
                    2. Anti-Slip Spray for Fiberglass and Acrylic is an epoxy aerosol that produces a hard, textured finish. It is available in clear and white, making it perfect for hot tubs and spas.

                      Anti-slip coatings for travertine pool decks   

                      Over the last years, travertine pool decks have become increasingly popular among homeowners. It is highly durable and offers a beautiful luxurious look. However, few people consider how slippery travertine can be. This is why it's recommended to treat these areas immediately after installation. A good product to consider is Deck Grip. 

                        1. Deck Grip is one of the quickest and most affordable treatments for travertine pool decks. It results in a barefoot-friendly finish that is also chemical and UV resistant. Deck Grip is easy to use and will not change the appearance of your pool area.

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