Holiday Season and The Risk of Accidents at Resorts with Pools

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Everyone going on holiday to a destination with a warm climate will, at some point, end up at a swimming pool. It is a significant factor that these pools should be clean and safe for holiday goers. If you're the owner or manager of a resort or hotel with a pool, one of the most important things to consider is the level of slip resistance around your pool. Today, there are a variety of non-skid paints for outdoor tiles and wood decks around pools. Let's explore:

What to consider when investing in non-skid paints for pools

  • The level of traction

This is the most important factor to consider when choosing a product to achieve slip-resistant outdoor tiles or decks. The traction you need in a product depends on the level of slip resistance you're after. If you have a high-traffic area that is constantly exposed to wet conditions, you may need a tougher product that offers more traction.

  • The appearance of your pool area

You don’t have to change the look of your pool area. Today, there are many non-slip flooring solutions for outdoor tiles and wood decks available that won't change the appearance of your surfaces at all.

  • Ease of application

Ideally, you want coatings or non-skid paints for outdoor areas that are easy to apply and convenient to maintain. Many products can be applied by yourself and work in just a few hours.

  • Type of surface

There are different products for different types of surfaces. Some are designed specifically for sleek tiles, while others work better on textured surfaces.

Non-slip products to achieve slip-resistant outdoor tiles or decks


slip-resistant outdoor tiles or decks

As soon as you've confirmed the type of solution you require after considering the above points, you can identify the best product. Let's take a look at two of SlipDoctors' most popular products for outdoor pool areas:

  • Deck Grip: For concrete and tiled surfaces

Deck Grip is a versatile non-slip coating that results in a clear, semi-gloss and barefoot-friendly finish that is also UV resistant and highly durable.

  • Dura Grip: For wood decks

Dura Grip is an anti-slip surface coating designed to provide a UV-resistant and barefoot-friendly textured paint finish. It is easy to maintain and ideal for use on concrete, asphalt, painted surfaces and wood decks.

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