Why should I use anti slip treatment on wooden floors?

Why should I use anti slip treatment on wooden floors?

There are a couple of compelling reasons to consider anti-slip treatment for your wooden floors:

  • Safety first: The primary benefit is preventing slips and falls. Wood floors, especially when wet or polished, can be quite slippery. Anti-slip treatment adds texture to surfaces, increasing friction and grip. This can prevent accidents, particularly for young children, older adults, people with mobility problems and pets. 
  • Extra Protection: By applying an anti-slip treatment to your floors, you can feel confident knowing that you have taken proactive measures to prevent slips and falls, especially in areas prone to high moisture levels where accidents are more likely to occur, like kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms. The treatment adds protection to your wooden floors, preserving their look and durability, and helping them last longer, reducing the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

How to choose the right anti slip solution?

Choosing the right anti-slip solution for your wooden floor depends on a few factors:

  • Desired finish: Consider if you want a clear or colored finish. There are two types of treatments for wood: clear, coat-like treatments that enhance the natural look and add texture, and colored, paint-on solutions.
  • Foot traffic and wear: Think about how much traffic the floor gets and where it's located. High-traffic areas or areas with exposure to the elements might benefit from a more durable solution like epoxy paint.
  • User preference: Will the floor be walked on while barefoot? If so, a gentler texture might be preferable. Some coatings are designed specifically for barefoot comfort.

Here's a quick breakdown of some popular options:

  • Anti-Slip spray: A clear, textured epoxy aerosol for wood surfaces. It is nearly invisible, barefoot-friendly and chemical resistant. This non-slip wood spray is ideal for use on both interior and exterior surfaces where slip resistance is needed. This solution is perfect for treating small or irregularly shaped surfaces. It can also be used to protect your beloved pets from sliding around the house. 
  • Non-slip coating: Water-based urethane sealers are an excellent choice for those seeking a clear, non-toxic finish. Make wooden surfaces more resistant to scratches and chemicals by adding a barefoot-friendly, high-traction anti-slip coating. These products are specifically designed to provide slip protection for interior wood floors and stairs. Perfect for busy households, especially those with young children, it works effectively to have an anti-slip surface for dog paws as well.
  • Non-Skid Paint:The two main types of finishes for anti-slip paint are clear and colored. Clear finishes won't change the look of your wood floor, while colored finishes can change its appearance. Anti-slip paints for wooden floors come in a variety of textures, from slightly textured to very textured. You might only need lightly textured paint for a dry hallway, but you would require highly textured non-skid paint for surfaces such as metal, concrete, previously painted concrete, and wood. The durability of anti-slip paints can vary. Some paints are only designed for light traffic, while others can withstand heavy traffic. Consider how much traffic the floor will get when choosing a paint.

Regular maintenance is important for preventing slips on wood floors. Although anti-slip treatments help improve traction, it is still necessary to regularly clean the floors using wood floor cleaners. This will remove dirt and debris that can make the surface slippery.

Consult a flooring professional to assess your needs and recommend an anti-slip solution for your wooden floor.

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