Deck Grip - Clear Indoor & Outdoor Non-Slip Sealer for Concrete


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Deck Grip is an anti-slip sealer for concrete and other stone surfaces. This versatile non-slip coating is non-yellowing, water-based acrylic and is easy to apply. Deck Grip non-slip concrete results in a clear, semi-gloss and barefoot-friendly finish that is chemical resistant, UV resistant and highly durable. Deck Grip is the perfect anti-slip solution to treat slippery pool decks, and all types of stamped (sealed or unsealed) concrete decks.  Compatible on virtually all types of natural stone surfaces where anti-slip sealers are desired.

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Sealed Stamped Concrete - Deck Grip will work great on top of all sealers and is chemical and chlorine resistant.  Ideas for surfaces surrounding pools and spas.  Please start with a clean dry surface prior to application.  Allow 24 hours to cure.  Apply 2 thin coats for best durability and slip resistance.  NOTE:  Some textured surfaces require 3 coats for best traction.

Even when wet, your slippery floor’s slip resistance after the non-slip solution will surpass ANSI A137.1, A326.3 or B101.3 standards.

0.52 Wet DCOF - ANSI B101.3
0.53 Wet DCOF – ANSI A137.1 / A326.3
0.62 Wet SCOF - ANSI B101.1

Installation Instructions (TDS) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Great for bare feet
  • Use it on pool decks and sealed concrete
  • One 3/8” nap roller included per gallon
  • Deck Grip is available in 1 gallon and 5-gallon pails
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • It dries clear with a semi-gloss finish and is easy to apply
  • One gallon covers 300 – 600 square feet
  • Roller Included (Click here to buy more)

Gallon 5-Gallon
Coverage per Sq Ft 300-600 Appx 2,500
Cost per Sq Ft (Appx.) $0.25 $0.23
⅜” Nap Rollers Included 1 5
Volume (liters) 3.78 18.92

Safety Precautions:
• Use in a well-ventilated area.
• If you scrape, sand or remove old paint from any surface, you may release lead dust. LEAD IS TOXIC. Contact the National Lead Hotline at 1-800-424-LEAD or more information.

Optional Safety Equipment:
• Chemical-resistant gloves
• Eye protection
• Mask

Surface Preparation:
• Surface preparation varies by surface. Please see chart below for specific surface preparation instructions.

Application Instructions:

Step 1: Mixing Additive: The quantity of SlipDoctors Deck Grip Additive to be used depends on the level of slip resistance desired(see chart below). Maximum texture is recommended for the most effective anti-slip protection. Pour desired amount of Additive into Deck Grip container and gently mix to ensure even distribution. Avoid shaking to prevent foaming. Mix occasionally during application.

Step 2: TEST: Deck Grip should be tested on a small inconspicuous area before full application

Step 3: Deck Grip can be rolled or sprayed, rolling is recommended. Roll: Use the included3/8” nap roller to evenly coat the surface. Avoid puddling in low areas. If puddles occur, roll them out. Two thin coats are recommended rather than one thick coat. Spray: Spray using a 5916 nozzle that produces a flow of 1/10 of one gallon per minute. Spray in a fine fog pattern without spurts or dribbles to form a thin continuous film. Avoid puddling in low areas. If puddles occur, roll them out.

Step 4: For added protection, greater performance and durability,we recommend applying Deck Gripin two thin coats. Allow first coat to dry for 2-4hours before applying the second coat. The second coat should be applied at a right angle to the first coat.

Step 5: Clean-up:While Deck Gripis still wet, equipment may be cleaned with soap and water. Once dried, equipment may be cleaned with a solvent, such as xylene or toluene.

For general cleaning and maintenance,use a light pressure rinsing. For best results to remove oily deposits or other foreign matter, apply pH-neutral cleanerat recommended dilution rate and scrub lightly with a soft bristle deck brush.Do not use alcohol-based cleaners, such as pine-sol.

Customer Reviews

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Bret C.
It works

My 3 year old son was slipping on our stamped concrete around our pool. One day he was just standing and fell flat on his face and busted his lip. So we knew we needed to do something. There is plenty for multiple coats, and it works pretty well. I still need to do a wet test on myself, but the micro grit seems to add a layer of grip that previously was not there. I'll have to see how it holds up over time.

worth every penny

I run a commercial pool with a splash pad. We purchased an epoxy based product to beautify our concrete under the water features. I was assured that the product that we purchased would be perfect for this application. We applied the product by specifically following the directions. Our concrete turned into a "skating" rink. I called the vendor and he said buy more of his product and when we coat it again "just add some silica sand" and we will be right as rain. Wrong again. I reached out to Slip Doctors and after 5 different phones calls ( I had a lot of questions) They not only had the best product for me, they coached me on application with great detail. The application directions, the product and 4 coats gave us a slip resistant surface that was safe for the children using our fountains. I should have come to Slip Doctors first, but even going to them after we applied our 1st product, they were able to remedy our situation with confidence and expertise

Stamped Concrete

We got stamped concrete around our new pool. Everyone told us it would be slippery but we liked the look better than just reg concrete. Well they were absolutely right last year was the first year we had our pool opened. As soon the water hit the concrete it was like a slip and slide. Horrible. We were sooo worried that someone would slip and fall and really hurt themselves. This year we had to do something about it. We came upon slip doctor as we searched the internet on what we could put on the concrete to make it less slippery and decided to give it a try after reading the reviews.

We applied two thin coats as directed. It was easy and we just rolled it on. Slip doctor really did the job. You def do not slip like you used to. It’s not 100% when there is lots of water on the pool deck but even then it is so much better than it was. It was well worth the money.

Only thing we wish we did was three coats instead of two. We just think it would have put a little more grit on there to help to not slip. Also make sure if there are any drips, like the directions say make sure your roll them out or use a brush. Where we dripped and didn’t roll out them out it left white marks once it dried. There were not many but I thought I would point what happens if you do what we did and just left the drips.
Overall this is a good product and great for stamped concrete.

Eileen M.

Deck Grip - Clear Indoor & Outdoor Non-Slip Sealer for Concrete

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