Bonding Agent

Bonding Agent


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Our bonding agent is exclusively designed to maximize the adhesion of coatings and paints on those hard-to-coat surfaces. It can be used in oil-modified urethanes, waterborne urethanes, moisture-cure urethanes, acid-cure coatings, UV curable coatings, epoxies, acrylic sealers, stains and paints. 

8 oz treats 4 gallons of product
2 oz treats 1 gallon of product


Installation Instructions (TDS) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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Occupational Safety Specialist

Knowledgeable, responsive, inciteful and friendly!!

stone slip doctors non-slip

this product works just like it says it does a week before we bought it my client has slipped and feel in her shower i looked online to fine a product that would prevent this from happening again after i ordered it i got a call asking me if i ment to order everything i had ordered because i ordered and seal that i did not need Dan talked me threw the whole process and after i applied it well the proof is on the floor and my lady is not. we even took it to the hospital where they will be letting all their clients know about it also and with my number to help anyone who has any questions on how to apply it. THANK YOU SO MUCH SLIP DOCTORS YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!!!

Slip Doctor

Seems to work well on the steps. It did react with the oil based polyurethane that the contractors used and they were able to fix the problem but it would be good in an oil based design as well as water based for soom usese

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