Treat your Composite Decking Flooring with Non-Slip Solutions

Fix slippery composite decking

Composite decking is popular for its aesthetic benefits and low maintenance, but it can be incredibly slippery – especially when wet! SlipDoctors has the perfect non-slip solution for composite decking – increase grip and avoid accidents today.

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Non-slip solutions for composite decking  

Composite decking is a popular type of flooring that is usually installed around houses and in and around commercial properties. These man-made boards, usually made from wood fiber, plastic, and some type of bonding agent, are relatively affordable and are usually installed for its low maintenance and aesthetic purpose. Unfortunately, composite decking usually leads to slippery surfaces, especially when wet. If you leave your decking untreated, it can become incredibly sleek and can cause dangerous slips and falls. If you have composite decking installed around your home or business, it is advisable to treat your surfaces as soon as possible.

Composite decking usually requires a specific non-slip product to increase traction. This product shouldn’t harm the materials used in the boards or change the look of the surface. At SlipDoctors we stock Floor Grip, the ideal anti-slip product for composite decking. This product will not change the look of your decks, is easy to apply and incredibly cost-effective. We advise that Floor Grip be used with a Bonding Agent. SlipDoctors’ Bonding Agent is exclusively designed to maximize the adhesion of coatings and paints on those hard-to-coat surfaces.

Slip-resistant coating for composite decking

SlipDoctors’ Floor Grip is an effective roll-on anti-slip coating ideal for slippery composite decking surfaces. This clear, water-based urethane sealer was designed for creating an anti-slip coating on vinyl, vinyl composition tile (VCT), interior wood, cork, laminate, linoleum surfaces, and more. Floor Grip will increase traction dramatically and is a great solution for human feet and dog paws to prevent slipping.

Once applied with SlipDoctors’ proprietary additive and crosslinker, both included, Floor Grip provides a long-lasting high-grip surface that is scratch and chemical resistant. Floor Grip will dry in just 6 to 12 hours and can be used on interior or exterior surfaces.

This product is available in gloss or matte finish – find out more about Floor Grip.



Benefits of SlipDoctors’ Floor Grip  

• Easy to use

• Fast drying

• Long-lasting and durable

• Affordable

• Top-quality




Anti-slip bonding agent for composite decking

SlipDoctors’ Bonding Agent is designed to maximize the adhesion of coatings and paints. It can be used in oil-modified urethanes, waterborne urethanes, moisture-cure urethanes, acid-cure coatings, UV curable coatings, epoxies, acrylic sealers, stains, and paints – find out more about SlipDoctors’ Bonding Agent.

Invest in the best non-slip for composite decking

If you still have untreated composite decking around your home or workplace, it’s time to invest in SlipDoctors’ Floor Grip. Increase the grip on your composite decking surfaces and avoid serious slips and falls today.

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