Slip Meters - Tracscan 2.0 - DCOF Slip Tester

Slip Meters - Tracscan 2.0 - DCOF Slip Tester

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  • Mobile, Easy to Use with Graphic Color Display Interface
  • Programmed with Current Standards Test Methods and Values
  • NO Annual Calibration, Verification Mass, Sensor Resurfacing Tool Required
  • FREE Software Updates
  • NFSI Approved (National Floor Safety Institute)
  • Sensor Data Acquisition and Automatic Sensor Lowering
  • Practical Wet and Dry measurement (SCOF and DCOF)
  • 6-Different Display Scales
  • Constant Resting Weight and High-Speed Thermo-Printer
  • USB Port for PC Connection
  • 1 Year Warranty Included (Additional Coverage Available)

The ultimate tool for safety and facility management professionals to monitor the slip-resistance levels of their facility’s walkways. Regular testing and accurate record-keeping is a smart slip-and-fall prevention strategy with compliance to many international and US standards.

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