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GripX is an anti-slip floor finish and sealer formulated for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces to effectively increase traction.

This non-slip concrete coating can be used to enhance both shoe and barefoot traction over concrete, lueders, brick and travertine walkways, and many other surfaces around pools. It is an anti-slip coating that can also be used for treating stamped concrete patios and decks, and a variety of other natural stone surfaces, including limestone, flagstone, quartz, slate, and marble.

Its versatility and durable features make GripX non-slip concrete tile and concrete sealer an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, and outdoors on patio tiles.

The 1-quart bottle will cover up to 150 square feet of natural stone surface. To achieve the best results and even coating, it is recommended to apply GripX anti-slip sealer with a 3/8-inch nap roller.

Installation Instructions (TDS) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
GripX non-slip coating is 100% transparent. It creates a clear, glossy, and barefoot-friendly finish on concrete and other natural stone surfaces.

This non-skid coating is highly durable and is designed to endure harsh climates. It can be used on both wet and dry natural surfaces and will surpass ANSI A137.1, A326.3, and B101.3 standards.

GripX anti-slip concrete coating is very easy to apply, with the 1-quart bottle treating 75 to 100 square feet of stone surface. The product cures in 24 hours and requires only light pressure-washing for maintenance.

GripX is also a chemical- and UV-resistant anti-slip concrete solution that is non-yellowing. Its versatile applications make GripX a must-have product to add to your home improvement supplies

Prior to full application, it is suggested that GripX be tested on a discrete patch of surface. Into a separate container, pour GripX and stir well to make sure the additive is evenly dispersed.  Do not allow the additive to settle.  Throughout the application process, stir often to guarantee consistent distribution. It is not necessary to thin the material. Utilizing a 3/8” nap roller, administer two coats and leave the first to dry for a span of two to four hours before layering the second one, which should be done at a right angle in comparison to the first. To guarantee increased toughness and grip, more coats may be applied depending on the absorptive quality of the surface. To dry for minor traffic, let it cure for six to twelve hours, and for usual traffic, twenty-four hours. For the most favorable outcome, utilize a pH-neutral cleaner to scrub lightly with a soft bristle deck brush or use a low-pressure wash. As for elimination, the approach is based on the substrate, and GripX may be extracted by using xylene, paint stripper, or a high-pressure wash.

How to Apply GripX:

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Rod H.
Almost but not quite

Applied Grip X to a recently sealed wet look loueder stone pool coping that was extremely slippery. The Grip X went on easy (2 coats) and has improved traction around the pool a lot but my dogs still slip on the coping when they leap into the pool. Im going to try a second application soon to see if this solves my problems.

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