Your Guide to Safeguarding Your Slippery Bathroom

Your Guide to Safeguarding Your Slippery Bathroom

After a long day there is nothing quite like taking a relaxing shower or a long, hot bath. Our bathrooms are often the spaces we use to relax and unwind. However, very few people realize the dangers their bathrooms pose. Most bathrooms have either tile or stone floors and ceramic, acrylic or fiberglass bath and shower surfaces. These types of materials are all extra prone to slipperiness and can lead to serious accidents at any time.  

If you have not yet invested in any solutions to safeguard your slippery bathroom floor and surfaces or have found that it is not effective, browse our guide to find out how you can safeguard your bathroom. 

When is the right time to fix slippery bathrooms? 

The best time to fix a slippery bathroom floor is as soon as possible. The reality is that the longer you leave your floors untreated, the higher the risk of someone getting injured. 

How can you fix a slippery bathroom floor and other bathroom surfaces?

Deciding on an anti-slip solution for your bathroom may depend on a few factors, including your budget, the size of your bathroom and what type of traction you are looking for. Let's look at a few solutions: 

Install a grab bar

Grab bars can be effective in showers specifically for the elderly who struggle to move in and out of the shower. However, it is not always possible to hold the bar during the entire time spent in the bathroom. Therefore, it should never be seen as an effective solution on its own.

Add a rubber mat in the bath or shower 

Many people add rubber mats to their showers and bathtubs. Rubber may be a tough type of material with excellent traction; however, it is not always an effective solution in the bathroom. When water runs underneath the mat, it can get slippery which can lead to slips and falls. Furthermore, rubber mats can gradually wear away after prolonged exposure to water, which mean that you will have to replace them often. This can be expensive in the long run.  

Non-slip bathroom flooring and surfaces products  

The most effective and affordable way to safeguard floors and surfaces in your bathroom is to invest in a specially designed product for non-slip bathroom flooring and surfaces. These products are made with specific types of flooring in mind and are usually easy to apply and will not change the appearance of surfaces.  

  • Ideal for fiberglass and acrylic bathroom surfaces  

Non-Slip Spray for Fiberglass and Acrylic is an epoxy aerosol and the highest-rated spray for fiberglass and acrylic found on the market. It is made to improve the traction of fiberglass, acrylic and most other surfaces. This spray provides a hard, textured finish to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. It is ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces and is designed for areas where water is present or slippery conditions exist such as bathtubs and showers. It is barefoot friendly, lead-free, and chemical, gas and oil resistant and is available in Clear or White. 

  • Ideal for porcelain and ceramic bathroom surfaces  

Bathtub Kit Anti-slip for Porcelain or Ceramic is an exclusive treatment specifically designed for bathrooms, including bathtubs and showers. This kit with treatment is easy to apply and takes about 10 minutes. After just one simple treatment, your shower and bathtub will be slip-resistant. The kit is formulated to interact with the minerals in porcelain and ceramic surfaces to increase surface traction. This product will also not change the appearance of your surfaces.  

  • Ideal for stone bathroom surfaces  

Stone Grip Non-slip Tile Treatment is an easy-to-apply anti-slip solution designed to effectively increase traction and improve safety on slippery floors even when wet. This makes it the ideal product for bathrooms. It creates microscopic treads to increase traction on tiles, concrete and stone floors in minutes. Stone Grip will surpass guidelines recommended by ADA/ANSI for floor safety.

Benefits of non-slip treatments for bathrooms 

  • Easy-to-apply
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable

No matter the size of your bathroom, anyone can slip and fall at any time if you leave the floors untreated. Because of the hard, sleek surfaces in your bathroom, such falls can lead to serious injuries and even hospitalization. The bathroom is a space in the house that is used often and to avoid accidents, it is wise to treat your floors as soon as possible. So, invest in non-slip bathroom floor tiles and surfaces, it will keep you, your family and your guests safe.  

If you need advice on the best solution for your bathroom floors, it is wise to contact an expert at SlipDoctors with knowledge about different types of flooring and non-slip bathroom flooring products

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