Your Guide to Prepping your Patio for Fall

Your Guide to Prepping your Patio for Fall

While the winter and summer weather can vary depending on where you are in the world, fall is always universally beautiful. Many people get excited just thinking of sitting on their patio and appreciating the autumn weather. But before you head outside ready to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery, it's important to make sure your patio is fully prepped for the season.

From dusting off your outdoor furniture and sweeping up debris to putting up Halloween décor, there's a lot to do to get your patio ready for fall. It's also necessary to consider the safety of your family and guests while using your outdoor spaces this fall. Most importantly, you want to make sure your patio floors are treated with quality non-skid paint that helps to reduce the risk of slips and falls - especially in wet weather!

Tips to get your patio ready for autumn 

  • Clean your patio

After a long summer, you want to give your patio a good clean. Spray off any dirt with a high-pressure hose and sweep up leftover debris. Be sure to also remove any dirt between gaps and cracks in your patio that may become slippery in rainy weather. 

  • Secure loose or sunken boards and pavers

This is the perfect time to examine and safeguard loose or sunken patio boards or pavers. Depending on what their condition is, boards or pavers may need to be replaced completely.

  • Renew your outdoor furniture

Chances are, your outdoor furniture worked hard throughout the summer months. So, you want to give them a good clean and check if they require any further maintenance.

  • Update your planters

Don’t leave the planters around your patio boring this fall. Fill them with bright and colorful fall flowers that will bring life to your outdoor spaces.

  • Add creative lighting

Brighten your season by adding fun lighting to your patio. Hanging fairy lights or open globes are perfect for autumn. You can also add a few candles in glass holders around your patio to soften the atmosphere.

  • Decorate!

If you and your family enjoy celebrating Halloween, add some interesting décor that can be kept up throughout the season. Sprayed pumpkins, twinkle lights and leaf garlands are great options.  

  • Don't forget to safeguard the floors

While prepping your patio, it's important to also evaluate the slipperiness of your outdoor floors. Keep in mind that wet weather conditions can lead to dangerous conditions that may cause slips and falls. It is recommended to invest in an outdoor tile non-slip solution for tiles and other stone surfaces or a wood step paint for wood and vinyl floors.

outdoor tile non-slip solution for tiles

  • Stain or seal your patio

To protect your deck or patio from harsh weather conditions, you want to stain or seal the material. This is specifically required for wood deck boards or paver stones.

  • Make it comfy

While autumn scenery is beautiful, the weather can get quite chilly. So, drape a few blankets over your chairs or couches or keep them in a basket close by. If you want to use your patio at night, it's also a good idea to invest in an outdoor heater.

  • Light the fire

If you have the right space for it, you can add heat and a cozy atmosphere with a bonfire. Open wood-burning fires are best for stone or tile patios. For wooden patios, it's best to opt for an outdoor heater or LED firepit.

Get assistance from SlipDoctors

If you're ready to prep your outdoor spaces and need some help to safeguard your floors, talk to the team at SlipDoctors. We will help you find the perfect non-slip solution for your surfaces this fall.

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