Non-Slip Paint: The Perfect Choice For Court Surfaces

Non-Slip Paint: The Perfect Choice For Court Surfaces

Game courts, whether indoor or outdoor, require surfaces that provide excellent traction to prevent slips and falls. One solution for enhancing traction on court surfaces is to use non-slip paint. Non-slip paint can provide a durable and effective solution for courts by creating a surface that is slip-resistant, easy to clean, and long-lasting.

Non-slip paint is specially formulated with additives that improve the coefficient of friction of the surface, reducing the likelihood of slips and falls. These additives create a texture that increases traction and prevents shoes from slipping on the surface. This is particularly important in courts, where players are constantly moving and changing directions, and need a surface that can keep up with their movements.

What to look for in a non-slip paint for courts 

When shopping for a non-slip paint for courts, here are some important factors to consider:

  • Slip Resistance: The most important factor to consider when purchasing non-slip paint is slip resistance. The paint should provide excellent traction to prevent athletes from slipping, especially in wet conditions.
  • Color options: The paint you choose should be available in a range of colors to match the specific requirements of your court.
  • UV Resistance: To avoid fading and discoloration caused by UV radiation from the sun, the paint should have high UV resistance. 
  • Easy application: The paint should be easy to apply, whether by brush, roller, or spray.
  • Drying time: To minimize disruption to sports activities on the court, the paint should ideally dry quickly. 

Why Alpha Grip is a great choice for your court surface

SlipDoctors' Alpha Grip is an innovative product that provides exceptional slip-resistance and durability for various surfaces. This non-skid asphalt and concrete paint is specifically designed for high-traffic areas, making it an ideal choice for courts, locker rooms, pool decks, and other surfaces that require enhanced slip resistance.

Alpha Grip creates a texture that increases the coefficient of friction of the surface, providing exceptional slip-resistance in both wet and dry conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for areas that are frequently exposed to water such as outdoor tennis or basketball courts

One of the unique features of Alpha Grip is its ability to cure quickly. Unlike other non-slip paints that may take several days to dry, Alpha Grip can cure within 24 hours, allowing courts and other surfaces to be used quickly. The product is also highly durable and resistant to abrasions and substances commonly found in environments.

Alpha Grip Non-Slip Paint is available in a variety of colors, so sports teams can choose colors that match their uniforms or school colors. The product can also be used to create logos, markings, and other designs on the court surface, enhancing the appearance of the court while also providing additional benefits for players.

Alpha Grip is now also available in Pickelball Blue and Tennis Court Green! 


Get the right non-slip product today

If you're looking for more information about non-slip paint products or have questions about how to make your court safer and more effective, contact SlipDoctors today. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with the guidance and support you need to make informed decisions and achieve the best results for your court floors.

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