How to Fix Slippery Stairs

How to Fix Slippery Stairs

How to fix slippery stairs

You may have witnessed a couple of trips and falls down a set of stairs in the past. This is because people often lose their balance on slippery stairs or trip on uneven surfaces. Perhaps none of these were serious accidents, but it is important to know that no matter the height or size of your stairs, it’s a serious accident waiting to happen; even more so if your stairs are slippery! This is why all stairs in your home or workplace must be treated to increase grip and traction. Luckily, there are many solutions to fix slippery steps and stairs, including effective non-skid stair threads and other non-slip for stairs products. You simply have to assess your issue and find an option that ticks all the boxes for your steps or stairs.

Ways to increase traction on stairs

Stairs have a highly useful purpose in your home or workplace, but the downside of stairs is that it can lead to dangerous accidents. Fortunately, there are many ways to increase the grip on the surface of your stairs. Find a solution that will suit your requirements, as well as your pocket.

Add carpets to stairs

You can add a carpet to your stairs to avoid slips and falls, however, if it is not fitted properly, the carpet can move and increase the danger of accidents. Stair runners are popular products to safeguard stairs, but unfortunately, it does not guarantee complete safety.

Add rubber mats to stairs

Rubber is seen as an effective product to avoid accidents because it offers plenty of grip. Yet, rubber mats are not the perfect solution to fix slippery stairs. These mats are usually not level with the floor and if someone’s foot clings to the rubber, they can have a serious accident.

Add a handrail

If you do not want to change the look of your floors, you can add a handrail. A handrail may seem like the ideal solution; however, it is not. Often people don’t use handrails and worse if someone falls they can bump their head on the rail which can lead to an even bigger injury!

Change the flooring of your stairs

For a more extreme option, you can change the flooring of your stairs. This may be an effective solution but can be highly expensive and can disrupt your household or workplace while the flooring is installed.

Invest in non-slip stairs products to avoid dangerous slips 

Many anti-slip products on the market can increase the traction of your stairs. SlipDoctors stocks a range of non-slip products that have specifically been designed to treat the slipperiness of stairs, including Non-Slip Pre-Cut Stair Treads and Anti-Slip Adhesive Safety Tape. Avoid dangerous slips and falls with non-skid stair threads from SlipDoctors – find out more about these products:

slippery staircase

Non-Slip Pre-Cut Stair Treads is an excellent option to help prevent devastating slip-and-fall accidents. These non-slip threads are pre-cut into 6″ x 24″ treads, making it the perfect size to use on stairs and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications on many different surfaces. These durable threads are heat and moisture resistant and are ideal for patio steps, basements, warehouse and loading docks.

Anti-Slip Adhesive Safety Tape is the ideal product if you require the maximum amount of grit available in a tape. This abrasive texture, non-slip tape with strong adhesive backing is a great solution to safeguard your slippery stairs. It is extremely durable and completely weather resistant. This non-slip tape is also incredibly easy to install – simply peel, stick and roll out any bubbles! This tape is available in clear, white and black to suit your color requirements.

You may not see your stairs as a safety hazard, but it is one of the most dangerous areas in your home or workplace. Thousands of people have serious accidents on stairs every year. Don’t be a statistic, make your home safer by safeguarding your stairs with high-quality, weather-resistant non-skid threads today.

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