Anti-Slip Treads: An effective Solution For Tricky Slippery Areas Around Your Workplace

Anti-Slip Treads: An effective Solution For Tricky Slippery Areas Around Your Workplace

Every year, thousands of avoidable accidents happen in businesses around the world. The International Labour Organization estimates that there are around 340 million occupational accidents worldwide annually. Consequently, this leads to a lot of leave from work, admittance to hospitals and expensive lawsuits. If you are the owner or manager of a business, it is important to evaluate your floors and surfaces to see how you can reduce the risk of serious slips. Once you have identified potential risk areas, you can start looking at solutions such as non-slip coatings and paint, non-slip treads and anti-slip tapes. 

Treating workspaces with anti-slip solutions not only safeguards your floors but also protects it against general wear and tear. For potentially hazardous areas such as sleek ramps and stairs, it is crucial to ensure you find a product that is effective and durable. These areas are used often, and you want a lasting solution that can withstand heavy foot traffic while increasing traction considerably. 

What types of workspace surfaces are potentially hazardous? 

  • Warehouse and factory floors 
  • Basement floors 
  • All types of ramps 
  • All types of stairs and steps 
  • Tiled floors in kitchens, bathrooms and lobbies 
  • Loading docks 
  • Patios

Fix slippery ramps and stairs with anti-slip treads

No matter the type of business you own or manage, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees and customers or guests. There are many products on the market that can be used to fix sleek ramps and stairs in the workplace, but not every solution will suit your budget or is equally effective.

Which non-slip solution is right for your business? 

Browsing around the internet, you will come across a variety of products and methods that claim to fix slippery stairs and ramps. Some of the top solutions to consider include: 

  • Rubber mats 
  • Non-slip coatings 
  • Non-skid treads 

While rubber mats may seem like a great solution, it is not always functional. Rubber mats can move if not properly installed and can lead to even bigger falls. Rubber mats can also be expensive if it needs to be replaced often.  

Treating floors with a non-slip coating is an effective way to add grip to your floors but isn't always ideal on certain types of step and ramp surfaces. 

If you're looking for an affordable and powerful product that is easy to apply and durable, go for anti-slip stair treads. Anti-slip treads are perfect to apply to stairs and ramps, as well as other flat surfaces in the workplace and will increase grip immediately. Choosing the right non-skid treads is essential to minimise the risk of accidents and keep people safe. 

Choosing the right non-slip treads for stairs and ramps 

SlipDoctors stocks and sells a range of anti-slip treads and tapes for every business owner's requirements; from treads that are easy on the feet all the way to premium-level grit tape for areas that require maximum traction. SlipDoctor’s non-slip treads and tapes are also affordable and easy to apply to most clean, dry and sealed surfaces.

SlipDoctors' black Non-Slip Pre-Cut Stair Treads can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications on a variety of surfaces. These durable treads are pre-cut into 6″ x 24″ treads, making it the perfect size to use on stairs to help prevent dangerous falls. These pre-cut treads are ideal for stairs, ramps, warehouse docks, loading docks, basements and patio steps. 

SlipDoctors' Non-Slip Caution Step Treads effectively help reduce serious falls while providing an abrasive surface that is built to last and withstand heavy foot traffic. These treads are ideal for interior and exterior use on steps, ramps and walkways in and around homes and businesses. 

You may not even be aware of it, but your workspaces are full of hazardous slippery areas. It's crucial to evaluate your business immediately to see where you can improve floor safety. It's not worth waiting until a serious fall occurs before you act. Safeguard your business today and avoid serious injuries and expensive hospital and lawsuit bills tomorrow. 

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