Your Guide to Anti-Slip Treads and How to Use it

Your Guide to Anti-Slip Treads and How to Use it

If you look around your home or workplace, you'll find plenty of sleek and slippery areas that can lead to serious accidents. Specifically, steps and stairs can be a great hazard. In fact, the National Safety Council has found that stairway falls is one of the leading causes of accidental injury, second only to motor vehicle accidents. Several factors play a role in slip-and-fall accidents on stairs; however, the main reason is that it is often left untreated. 

As a home or business owner, it is important to understand the risks and costs involved with negligence regarding the slippery floors in your home or business. There are plenty of high-quality non-slip products available on the market to treat flat surfaces, however, when it comes to steps and stairs, finding the ideal product can be somewhat tricky. The uneven surface often makes it difficult to treat with traditional anti-slip coatings, therefore, anti-slip treads are seen as the ideal solution. Let's take an in-depth look at these highly effective and affordable products: 

What are non-slip treads? 

Non-slip treads are strips or patches made from tough, hardwearing material and designed to cover parts of slippery areas to increase traction. It is usually very easy to apply and is a quick and cost-effective solution to improve safety.

Is it only made for steps and stairs?

No, anti-slip treads can be used on a variety of surfaces, including halls and walkways. 

On which type of flooring can anti-slip treads be used?

There are a variety of treads designed for specific floor types, however, most treads can be used on any surface, including stone, tile, wood and vinyl. 

What to keep in mind when choosing non-slip treads?

When choosing treads for your home or business, it is important to evaluate the steps or stairs' surface and consider the details involved; Who uses the stairs, how often is it used and whether you want to keep the natural aesthetic of your stairs or not. There are plenty of treads available designed for specific needs, including texture and color. 

For some industrial properties, a more prominent solution is often needed. There are treads available specifically designed for industrial businesses that physically feature extra caution. 

What are the different types of non-slip treads? 

A variety of non-slip treads are made for different types of steps and stairs and different properties. Let's look at two types that can be used in and around commercial, industrial and residential properties: 

Ideal for commercial and industrial properties 

Non-Slip Stair Treads with Adhesive Backing and Warnings is the ideal product for use on interior and exterior steps, stairs and walkways. These highly durable treads effectively help reduce slip-and-fall accidents in and around commercial and industrial properties by providing an abrasive surface that is built to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Ideal for industrial, commercial and residential properties 

Non-Slip Pre-Cut Stair Treads come in 6” x 24” pieces which are the perfect size to use on stairs to help prevent dangerous slip-and-fall accidents in and around industrial, commercial and residential properties. These high-quality stair treads can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas and are great for basements, warehouse docks, loading docks, and patio steps. 

Benefits of non-skid treads 

  • Can be used on multiple types of surfaces 
  • Easy-to-apply 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Affordable 

Further safety methods 

To increase the safety of steps and stairs, the following should be done in addition to the use of non-slip treads:  

  • Ensure the areas are well-lit
  • Install handrails at an appropriate height 
  • Ensure no trip hazards or obstacles.

Whether you are the owner of a home, business or industrial property, you have to keep the slipperiness of your steps and stairs in mind. Left untreated these slippery areas can be a danger to your loved ones, employees and guests or customers. It is your responsibility to create a safe home or workplace. Investing in durable non-skid treads is the perfect solution to your slippery stairs

If you require advice, it is wise to contact an expert with knowledge about different types of flooring and non-skid treads products. 

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