How to Fix Slippery Ramps in and Around Your Workplace

How to Fix Slippery Ramps in and Around Your Workplace

One of the most dangerous areas in or around a commercial or industrial property is a slippery ramp. Ramps are typically made of wood, aluminum, steel or concrete, which cause them to be permanently sleek. However, they can become even more slippery after rainfall or accidental spills. To avoid serious slips and falls in the workplace it is important to invest in non-slip solutions for ramps.

Non-slip solutions come in different types of coatings and paints and typically create a textured finish to slippery interior and exterior surfaces. They are also easy to apply on a variety of surfaces.

What to consider when choosing non-slip solutions for ramps

When choosing between non-slip ramp coatings, it is important to keep the following three points in mind:

Dura Grip non-slip paint solution
  • The slope of the ramp
  • The type of material the ramp is made of
  • If wet conditions are present

These points will help to determine the level of traction required from the coating, the versatility of the solution needed and how it should be applied.

If the slope is steep, a higher level of traction may be required. If wet conditions are typically present, a durable and versatile anti-slip solution that can withstand different environments is needed.

Ramps also do not have to look unsightly once an anti-slip paint for ramps is applied to increase traction. Many non-slip ramp coatings come in a clear substance or an assortment of shades to match different areas. For example, Dura Grip anti-slip textured paint is available in a large variety of colors including clear, black, dark brown, light and medium gray, and white.

Do non-slip ramp coatings meet the right standards?

Dura Grip is an anti-slip coating that offers a highly durable textured paint finish on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, including aluminum, concrete, steel, fiberglass, asphalt, painted surfaces and wood. This makes it a great option for 1:12, and greater, sloped accessibility ramps.

How does Dura Grip measure up to certain standards as set out by ANSI and NFSI? This anti-slip paint for ramp's slip resistance will surpass the ANSI A137.1, A326.3 and B101.3 standards, even wet. These standards set out the quality slip-resistance guidelines for buyers, manufacturers and the public in general.

Want even more traction on your ramps?

To create a higher level of traction on slippery ramps, a paint additive such as Extra Grip can be used. Extra Grip is one of the most effective non-slip solutions for ramps and can be added to floor paint coatings such as Dura Grip to provide more traction on both indoor and outdoor ramps.

Safeguard workplace ramps

It is never a good idea to compromise on safety in the workplace. If you are ready to safeguard the ramps in or around your property, contact the experts at SlipDoctors.

Our team will assist with all the details you need about the types of anti-slip solutions that you can use to improve the safety levels of the structure.

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