Non-Slip Kitchen Flooring Options for Commercial Spaces

Non-Slip Kitchen Flooring Options for Commercial Spaces

Don't compromise on safety in your commercial kitchen, ensure a secure and accident-free environment and explore how to make your floors non-slip.

Slippery floors can be a major safety hazard, especially in areas with high foot traffic or where spills are common. Fortunately, there are several simple solutions to make your floors less slippery and reduce the risk of accidents. Read on how to make your floors safer and more slip-resistant by simply using non-slip coatings.

Identify the type of flooring you have.

Before you can make your floors non-slip, it's important to identify the type of flooring you have. Different types of flooring require different techniques and products to make them less slippery. For example, tile floors may require a different approach than hardwood floors. Once you know what type of flooring you have, you can research the best methods for making it non-slip.

When it comes to commercial kitchens, safety should always be a top priority. One way to ensure a secure environment is by choosing non-slip flooring. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is best for your kitchen. The installation and cost of non-slip flooring will vary depending on the type of material you choose and the size of your commercial kitchen. Some non-slip flooring options, such as vinyl or rubber, can be relatively inexpensive and easy to install. However, other options, such as epoxy or concrete, may require professional installation and be more costly. It's important to weigh the benefits of each option against the cost to determine the best choice for your commercial kitchen.

Use non-slip floor treatments.

Another effective way to make your floors non-slip is to use a non-slip floor treatment. These treatments can be applied to a variety of flooring types, including tile, concrete, and wood. They work by creating a textured surface that provides more traction for your feet. Non-slip floor treatments are easy to apply yourself even if you have a large area to cover.

For commercial kitchens one popular option is vinyl flooring, which is durable and easy to clean, another option is rubber flooring that provides cushioning for employees who stand for long periods of time. Epoxy flooring is another popular choice, as it is highly durable and can be customized with different colors and patterns. Other options include ceramic tile with a textured surface, and natural stone such as granite or slate. 

SlipDoctors specialize in commercial non-slip flooring and non-slip industrial flooring products that boast high-performance attributes and  are currently used by small and global organizations like Disneyland, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and Amtrak to list a few.  By understanding the customers' needs SlipDoctors offer the highest quality products on the market, Stone Grip, Deck Grip, Dura Grip, Tuff Grip, and Polish Grip, just to mention the main product of a comprehensive line of anti-slip  solution designed with specific customer requirements and flooring in mind.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a non-slip solution. First, consider the level of foot traffic in your kitchen and choose one that can withstand heavy use. You should also consider the type of food you prepare and the potential for spills or stains. Additionally, think about the comfort of your employees and consider the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, with Slip Doctors you can even choose the colour that complements your design.

Non-slip floor treatments are a great way to make your floors less slippery and safer for everyone. There are several types of non-slip floor treatments available, including coatings, paints, and sprays. Contact SlidDoctors to make sure you choose a treatment that is appropriate for the type of flooring you have and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully for best results.

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