How to Make Swimming Pool Areas Less Slippery

How to Make Swimming Pool Areas Less Slippery

Having a swimming pool at your house is a wonderful facility for the whole family. But pools come with a lot of responsibility, including maintenance, cleaning and safety.

Safety is the top priority, especially considering how many people are injured at pools each year. If anyone slips and falls around your swimming pool, the results can be very dangerous. But how do you reduce the slipperiness and safeguard your outdoor areas?

What is the best anti-slip solution for swimming pool areas?

Keeping swimming pool decks clean and dry is a key part of maintaining pool safety. But especially during the summer months, it's almost impossible to avoid wetness around swimming pools. Luckily, there are a few other non-slip methods you can implement. Let's explore:

  • Changing the material

Some types of pool deck materials are prone to slipperiness. Some of these include sleek marble or granite, smooth concrete and tiles. Textured wood, stone and brick are considered to be slightly less slippery. While changing the deck material can improve the traction around swimming pools slightly, it is not considered to be the most effective way to prevent slips and falls.

  • Invest in pool mats

They’re not very stylish, but pool mats' rubberized mesh material can help to increase traction to an extent. It is a relatively inexpensive option. However, it is important to keep in mind that these mats can still move, especially when wet. Swimming pool users can also trip on the edges of these mats.

  • Wear shoes

Making a rule to wear shoes around the pool when not swimming will make it much safer when the area is wet. The material won’t be less slippery, but shoes can prevent anyone from slipping when walking around an already slippery deck.

  • Non-slip coatings
Anti-Slip Solution for Swimming Pool Areas
No matter what material you use for your swimming pool area, it's helpful to add a non-slip treatment. An anti-slip solution for swimming pool areas will change the chemical nature of the surface, making it less slippery even when the area is wet.


At SlipDoctors, we recommend Deck Grip outdoor & indoor anti-slip coating. Deck Grip is a versatile anti-slip sealer that results in a clear, semi-gloss and barefoot-friendly finish. It is also chemical and UV resistant and highly durable. The product can be used on almost all types of stamped concrete and stone surfaces where more traction is desired.

Improving swimming pool safety

The last thing you want is to watch someone injure themselves at your pool. Slipping and falling on a wet pool deck is a dangerous issue that you, as the pool owner, are responsible for preventing.

Swimming pool areas will get wet, but you can make sure that the surface won't be too slippery. Following one or more of the methods we've outlined, in combination with using Deck Grip, will help to reduce the risk of a falling injury.

Have a question? Need advice?

Contact the expert team at SlipDoctors to discuss your unique needs. We will find the best slip-resistant outdoor tiles, stone or wood solutions for your requirements. 

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