How and Where to Use Epoxy Paint for Slippery Floors

How and Where to Use Epoxy Paint for Slippery Floors

Have you ever found yourself tip-toeing on a slippery surface at home or work, hoping to avoid an embarrassing tumble or worse, a serious fall? Slippery floors can be a hazard that's not only inconvenient but potentially dangerous, especially in workplaces such as warehouses. Thankfully, there's a solution that combines durability with safety – Epoxy non-skid paint

Let's explore what this non-slip paint is all about and how it can transform various spaces into secure zones.

What is Epoxy Non-Skid Paint for Floors?

Epoxy paint is a highly durable and versatile solution for surfaces that need a non-slip upgrade. It's a two-part Epoxy-based paint that not only provides a fresh coat of color but also offers an ultra-rough textured gloss finish. This unique texture ensures that your feet (or tires) have a solid grip, even in high-traffic areas. The magic of Epoxy paint lies in its composition – a blend of durability and slip resistance that makes it a game-changer in ensuring safety.

Where Can You Use Epoxy Paint?

One of the factors that makes Epoxy paint stand out is its versatility. This non-skid paint is perfect for a range of surfaces, including steel, diamond plate, wood, ramps, truck beds and more. It's perfect for those places that have constant vehicle movement or heavy foot traffic. Whether it's an industrial setting exposed to harsh chemicals or your backyard ramp, Epoxy paint can turn a variety of slippery commercial, industrial or residential spaces into secure areas. 

How Should You Use Epoxy Paint?

Applying residential or industrial Epoxy paint is typically quick and easy, and you don't need to be a professional to get it done. The process involves rolling the product on with a phenolic roller or using a squeegee for a specific texture. Within just a few hours, the non-skid grip coating will be dry to the touch. Once fully cured, the treated area is ready to tackle any traffic. The ease of application makes Epoxy paint a convenient choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Ultra Grip industrial Epoxy paint

SlipDoctors' Ultra Grip: The Ultimate Epoxy Paint for Floors  

When it comes to non-slip paints, SlipDoctors' Ultra Grip is a highly reliable solution. With its two-part epoxy composition, this paint exhibits an unbeatable fortitude. It can endure corrosive substances, making it perfect for challenging industrial environments like offshore drilling rigs and aircraft carriers. This industrial 2-part Epoxy paint's resilience against heavy forklift traffic and extreme weather conditions is truly remarkable, ensuring maximum grip and texture wherever it's applied.

However, it's worth noting that Ultra Grip is not recommended for barefoot areas. That being said, its versatility shines as it adheres to a variety of surfaces – concrete, steel, diamond plates, wood, platforms, decks and even trucks. Plus, the application process remains hassle-free even at low temperatures, making it a reliable solution year-round.

FAQs about Ultra Grip

Q: How long does it take for Epoxy paint to dry?

A: SlipDoctors' Ultra Grip takes only two hours to become dry to the touch and cures fully within 24 hours.

Q: Can Ultra Grip be used barefoot?

A: While Ultra Grip provides exceptional slip resistance, it's not recommended for barefoot use.

Q: What surfaces can Ultra Grip be applied to?

A: Ultra Grip is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, making it a versatile choice for surfaces like concrete, steel, diamond plates, wood, platforms, decks, and even trucks.

Q: Does Ultra Grip meet any safety standards?

A: Yes, Ultra Grip meets or exceeds USDA, ADA, and OSHA slip standards, and also complies with Mil PRF 24667B product offset.

Create safe spaces with Ultra Grip 

SlipDoctors' Ultra Grip is not just an anti-skid paint; it's a game-changer for safety. With its unbeatable fortitude, durability and traction, Ultra Grip is the ideal heavy-duty anti-slip Epoxy coating for anyone seeking to eliminate the hazards of slippery surfaces. Whether you're tackling the challenges of a bustling industrial environment or aiming to create a safer home, Ultra Grip is the reliable solution you need.

Don't leave safety to chance. Take action today and treat your slippery spaces with Ultra Grip. For any questions or further assistance, reach out to the SlipDoctors' team and let's help you create a safe home or workplace. 

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