When High-Performance Non-Slip Epoxy Paint is The Right Solution

When High-Performance Non-Slip Epoxy Paint is The Right Solution

When it comes to the safety of your loved ones, guests, employees or customers, you want only the best. This is why you need a durable solution to safeguard slippery floors in and around your home or workplace.

Epoxy paint is an excellent solution for many property owners because it is one of the toughest paint materials available today. For some, it is also a great choice to add a little extra shine and even color to floors.

What exactly is Epoxy paint?

Epoxy paint was originally designed for industrial use. It is a latex acrylic coating with Epoxy in the mixture that is used for many different flooring applications.

These paints are formulated to provide a highly durable protective coating on floors that's easy to maintain. It has a number of unique properties that makes it a corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant paint. It is also easy to clean, making it a great choice for garages and warehouses.

Where can epoxy paint be used?

Epoxy paint can withstand high temperatures and is resistant to moisture, making it the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor areas such as bathrooms, saunas and swimming pool areas.

The slightly glossy finish of epoxy paint for concrete and other surfaces creates a non-absorbent surface that is easy and efficient to clean. As a result, it also works great in garages and gyms.

Can epoxy paint be used on wood?

Yes. Epoxy works very well on wood floors. It typically leaves a barefoot-friendly textured paint finish that looks beautiful in living spaces.

Epoxy is also available in different colors. So, floors can be beautifully enhanced with different shades. 

highly durable protective coating on floors
Image source:  PlusLife Ice Bath

What is a good solution for painting surfaces and coating wood with epoxy?

At SlipDoctors, we recommend Dura Grip. Dura Grip is an anti-slip epoxy coating specifically designed to provide a durable, barefoot-friendly finish on a variety of surfaces, including garages, metal ramps, boats, decks, stairs, pools, locker rooms, laundry rooms, wood floors and other residential or commercial areas. Dura Grip can also be used to seal unwanted leaks in floors or grout.

Interested in painting surfaces or coating wood with epoxy?

If you are looking for long-lasting, easy-to-maintain surfaces that feature a slightly shiny finish, then Epoxy coating for wood floor and other surfaces is the perfect solution for you. It works well in areas with high traffic and spaces where there is moisture present or a risk of chemical spills. It shields floors from damage and is very easy to maintain and clean.

Talk to the team at SlipDoctors today about the best solution for painting your floors and coating wood with Epoxy.

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