Anti-Slip Solutions for Wooden Stairs, Outdoor Wooden Steps and Wood Floors

Anti-Slip Solutions for Wooden Stairs, Outdoor Wooden Steps and Wood Floors

Through the years, wood floors have always been popular - and for good reasons. They add warmth and beauty to any space and they are usually easy to keep clean. However, there is one big problem with wood surfaces, they can be very slippery! Especially wooden steps and stairs can be the cause of serious slip and fall accidents.

How to fix slippery wood floors and wooden stairs


From adding carpets to installing railings, there are many different ways to reduce the slipperiness of wood floors and wooden steps. But how effective are they really?
Fix slippery wood floors

While they're an easy fix, carpets and rugs are not the most practical solution to fix slipperiness on floors and stairs. This is because they often move around when not properly installed or they can curl up at the edges and lead to even bigger slips and falls.

Railings are also a quick fix, but even less effective than carpets because not everyone uses them.

The best solution to fix slippery wood floors is to add traction to the surface. Let's explore how:

  • Non-skid tape

A simple but durable method to improve traction on wooden steps and stairs is to add non-skid tape. This tape is designed with an adhesive backing that sticks to the surface, and a gritty top that offers slip resistance to floors.

SlipDoctors specializes in durable non-slip treads for wooden stairs. These threads are easy to apply and maintain and durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.

  • Non-slip paints and coatings

If you want to maintain the look of your wooden steps or stairs, you can consider investing in a non-slip coating.

SlipDoctors offers Floor Grip, a non-slip coating formulated to provide a high-traction finish on wood surfaces. It is a clear roll-on anti-slip coating that is quick to apply and designed to last.

If you prefer to change the look of your stairs giving them a fresh appearance while improving their slip resistance, then paint for wooden steps is ideal. SlipDoctors recommends Dura Grip, an epoxy coating for wood floor surfaces that produces a barefoot-friendly textured paint finish that is excellent for reducing the chances of slips and falls. It is easy to apply and highly durable.

How to make outdoor wooden steps non-slip

When considering treating outdoor wooden steps, you have to keep in mind that the elements can greatly influence the slipperiness of the stairs, as well as the effectiveness of a non-slip solution.

At SlipDoctors, we advise using a non-slip coating that has a UV-resistant formulation and can be used in both wet and dry conditions. Our team recommends Tuff Grip, a urethane paint coating that can withstand all weather conditions.

Have a question or require advice?

If you have slippery wood floors or wooden steps or stairs in or around your property and want to avoid dangerous slips and falls, you need an effective non-slip solution. If you need advice, talk to the team at SlipDoctors, we will find the right solution for your unique situation.

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