Anti-slip Solutions for Water Parks and Splash Pads

Anti-slip Solutions for Water Parks and Splash Pads

When summertime comes around, it's time to improve the maintenance in and around your swimming pool or water park. If you're the owner or manager of an aquatic environment, you need to pay special attention to the safety of these areas for your guests.

Keep in mind that wherever water is present, the slipperiness of surfaces increases dramatically, especially for surfaces such as concrete and tiles that are naturally sleek and where barefoot traffic is present.

What about splash pads?

Splash pads are recreation areas with water-spraying features of various kinds with a very low level of standing water or none at all.

safety surfaces for splash pads
They are an alternative to swimming pools for families that are more concerned about water safety. But are splash pads safe when it comes to the slipperiness of the surfaces? The concrete and other surfaces used in these aquatic environments can become very slippery in the presence of water. Therefore, it is recommended to have certified safety surfacing installed to increase splash pad slip resistance.

While it's not always possible to install non-slip surfaces such as rubber in splash pads and swimming pools, it is possible to treat slippery surfaces such as concrete and tiles with slip-resistant treatments.

At SlipDoctors, we recommend the following treatments to achieve safety surfaces for splash pads, waterparks and swimming pools:

  • For concrete splash pads

Dura Grip is an anti-slip coating designed to provide a strong textured paint finish on different surfaces, including areas where wet conditions are present. It is a barefoot-friendly and UV-resistant coating, making it the ideal anti-slip for concrete splash pads solution.

  • For areas in and around swimming pools

Stone Grip is a non-slip tile treatment ideal for ceramic and porcelain tiles and stone floors. It will dramatically increase traction on surfaces, even when wet. This makes Stone Grip the ideal treatment for tiles on pool steps and other areas around swimming pools. 

Safety surfaces for splash pads

Want to increase traction in areas where wet conditions are present?

If you own or manage a swimming pool, water park or splash pad, it's your responsibility to ensure all areas are safe for everyone to use.

If you want to increase the traction of surfaces but have questions or need advice, talk to the team at SlipDoctors. We will help you to find the perfect solution for your wet and slippery areas.

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