Increase the Slip-Resistance on Slippery Surfaces

Treating sleek and slippery surfaces should be a high priority in your home or workplace. Make sure you invest in the perfect anti-slip solution for all slippery floors. Have a question or need some advice? Talk to our non-slip experts and find the right anti-slip product for your slippery surface today.

Non-slip Products for Tiled Surfaces

Especially when wet, tiles can lead to major slips and falls. Avoid accidents by treating your tiled floor areas with non-slip solutions that are effective and durable. SlipDoctors takes floor safety seriously and have developed a premium range of non-slip tile surface products and accessories. Our range can be used to treat slippery concrete pool areas, driveways, concrete patios and natural stone surfaces. Don’t wait for an accident – treat you tiles today.

Anti-slip Solutions for Concrete Surfaces

Struggling with slippery indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces? Don’t wait until someone has a serious fall! You need a quality, long-lasting solution to increase traction and safeguard your floors. SlipDoctors offers long-lasting chemical-resistant non-slip coatings to increase traction on concrete surfaces. Safeguard your concrete surfaces in minutes

Non-slip Solutions for Metal Surfaces

Metal floors are known to be extremely sleek and slippery. This can be a major hazard for anyone using areas covered with metal. To ensure the safety of your friends, family and employees, you need to treat the metal floors in your home and workplace with durable anti-slip products to increase grip. SlipDoctors’ effective non-slip paint coatings for metal surfaces provide exceptional anti-slip protection and is a top solution for your slippery metal floors.

Anti-slip Products for Bathroom Surfaces

The surfaces in your bathroom can be incredibly dangerous, especially when wet and covered with soap! Invest in a non-slip solution that is durable and that can withstand wet and dry conditions. At SlipDoctors we take quality and slip-injury prevention into account with all our non-slip bath and shower surface coatings and paint products. Find a solution for your slippery bathroom surfaces today.

Non-slip Products for Stairs

Many serious falls happen on stairs due to the sleekness and slipperiness thereof. Ensure you, your family or workers are safe from dangerous falls by ensuring your stairs have the needed grip. SlipDoctors offers a durable, premium-grade range of anti-slip solutions for stairs that are easy to apply and maintain. Don’t take the risk – invest in a non-slip treatment today.

Anti-slip Products for Wooden Surfaces

Did you know that wood surfaces can be just as slippery as any other surface? Ensure your wood floors are treated with durable non-slip products to ensure long-lasting, slip-proof surfaces. At SlipDoctors we understand that there are slippery areas throughout your home and workplace – including wood floors! Therefore, we offer a specialised range of non-slip solutions for wood surfaces. Avoid accidents on wood floors – find the right treatment for your floors.

Non-slip Solutions for Synthetic Surfaces

Synthetic floors can also be slippery if not treated correctly. Invest in a non-slip coating to ensure your surfaces are safe for anyone using it. SlipDoctors’ anti-slip treatment for vinyl surfaces and other synthetic floors increase traction within minutes, are easy to apply and are highly economical. Improve grip and avoid accidents on your synthetic floors today.

Our non-slip coating and treatment range can increase the slip resistance on a variety of surfaces. Did not find what you need? Make sure to contact our expert team and they will happily assist you.