Stone Grip Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Stone Grip

A: Stone Grip is a water based treatment that creates micro-treads in the floors surface.

Q: Is Stone Grip a Coating?

A: No. Stone Grip is a treatment that creates micro-treads on the surface of mineral based flooring and stone.

Q: How does Stone Grip work?

A: Stone Grip works by applying the treatment on a surface for an allocated amount of time and then neutralizing or washing the treatment off.

Q: How long should I treat my floor for?

A: All surfaces have their own personality; the application time is subjective. You should treat your floor for as long as it needs to increase the slip resistance while it is wet. Ideally when a rubber shoe stops sliding more than a couple of inches you should wash or neutralize the treatment. The testing phase is fundamental to understanding the amount of time the treatment needs to be on.

Q: Will Stone Grip Damage my Tiles?

A: Stone Grip will not damage your tiles as the micro-treads are microscopic and are not visible to the naked eye.

Q: How do I neutralize the treatment

A: When neutralizing the treatment you simply need to fill a bucket or small tank sprayer with clean tap water. Add one or two tablespoons of baking soda per gallon of water and mix well. Set aside to use when needed.

Q: How do I clean it after treatment

A: It can be cleaned with a mild soap and then the remaining fluids can be flushed down the drain or toilet.

Q: How do I maintain the surface?

A: At a minimum of once a week brush the surface with a mild soap and rinse. Commercial areas like restaurants are high traffic areas should be cleaned daily with a deck brush to agitate the surface

Q: Can I seal over this or will it work on a sealer

A: Stone Grip does not work effectively in conjunction with sealers

Q: What can I use on an already sealed tile?

A: Lightly sand the tiles and then use a coating tile like Deck Grip or Floor Grip

Q: Will it change the look of my floors?

A: No Stone Grip will not change the look of your tiles or natural stone surface. If you have dark tiles, please see below for more information on how to apply.

Q: My tiles are shiny what will Stone Grip do?

A: Depending on your testing, it is possible Stone Grip can reduce the sheen of the tiles.

Q: What can I use to maintain the shine or gloss of my tiles

A: The most ideal product to maintain the gloss or shine of your tiles would be Polish Grip or a gloss coating, such as Deck Grip or Floor Grip.

Q: My tiles are dark can I still use Stone Grip?

A: In the case of dark tiles like black, red or blue you need to decrease the application time given within the instructions. Remember to always run a test on an inconspicuous area.