Safety Training for No More Slips

There’s no doubt that you’ve slipped and fallen before, whether at work, at home, at the pool, or on an icy sidewalk. In many cases, slips and falls can be harmless—resulting in little more than bruising or embarrassment. In other cases, however, fall injuries that result from slips and trips can result in visits to the emergency room, broken bones, and even tragic disabilities.

In fact, half of all accidental deaths caused in the home are due to falls, and slips and falls result in the number one cause of lost days from work.

Workplace Considerations

Owners of a larger corporation or a small business must understand that the risk of injuries due to slips and falls can hold even greater value in a work environment. While injuries result in a great deal of personal suffering for those who slipped and fell, it is also important to consider the company losses which can result.

Lawsuits, days lost from work, and possibly a negative reputation may await companies with devastating slip and fall accidents.

Tackling The Problem

If you are one of the many people who would love to see no more slips in your workplace, we are excited to help! SlipDoctors offers a variety of services which can help to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls on your company’s property. By taking steps forward to address both behavioral and physical barriers that result in workplace injuries, you can help to reduce the suffering and corporate loss associated with these tragedies.

  • By asking SlipDoctors to perform a slip testing audit on the surfaces within your operation, you can become more knowledgeable about dangerous locations and learn the best ways to make these areas safer.
  • Non-slip tapes and coatings are easy to apply with great results.
  • SlipDoctors offers training classes so that you, too, can become certified in floor safety considerations!
Are you ready for no more slips and falls? Contact us at SlipDoctors today and feel free to peruse our online store so that you can purchase our anti-slip solutions today!