Insurance Company Partnerships

SlipDoctors is proud to have agreements in place with Insurance Companies.  Our partnerships of recommending SlipDoctors products and services to their clients helping reduce the likelihood of slip and fall claims. Preventing slip and falls has been the #1 cause of workplace accidents. 

Falls are Preventable

Here are some ideas facilities can do to ensure work areas are safe:
  1. Discuss with coworkers to determine if any equipment is missing or needed.
  2. Ensure proper training protocols and employees feel comfortable operating all equipment.
  3. Have someone slip test the workplace for any potential concerns or hazards.
  4. Walk around with water to test out some floors if they feel slippery
  5. Ask around. Maybe some other employees might have concerns.
  6. Inspect employee shoes.
  7. Ensure they have proper treads and feel slip-resistant. Keep your floors dry and clean.Employ wet floor signs in areas that are expected to be wet.
  8. Use products that enhance the slip resistance of surfaces

      SlipDoctors has arranged discounts for SlipDoctors products and services. 

      If you would like to participate in our program, please contact us.  Many mutual benefits are possible for insurance organizations to offer SlipDoctors products and services.  Please email us for opportunities to partner with your organization to utilize discounts on products or services.