Walkway Safety by SlipDoctors Group

Walkway Safety by SlipDoctors Group

Are you interested in getting involved in Walkway Safety Franchise?  Desire a company with a proven track record of over 10 years? You have come to the right place.  SlipDoctors is the leader in Walkway Safety conducting thousands of Slip Tests for groups and organizations worldwide

SlipDoctors Slip Testing Service

Our vast experience has lead us to be the premier Floor and Walkway Safety Group conducting testing, remediation, and lab work for some of the largest organizations around the country.  You will be trained by leading professionals serving on ANSI / ASTM committees with existing and new leads generated daily. Contact us to learn more!

Get involved with the right Group of Walkway Safety with SlipDoctors Opportunity.

Some of our test equipment and training includes:

SlipDoctors Walkway Safety Group

- BOT-3000E

- BOT-3000

- Pendulum 

- ASM 925

- ASM 825

- ANSI A137.1

- ANSI 326.3

- TCNA Testing

Start your new career with the premier group in Walkway Safety today!  

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