Why You Should Treat Outdoor Titles Where Wet Conditions Are Present

Why You Should Treat Outdoor Titles Where Wet Conditions Are Present

Most tiles are naturally slippery. But if you add wet conditions, it can considerably lower the level of traction. Rain, melting ice and snow are all conditions that can make tiles even more slippery. If left untreated, this can lead to dangerous slips and falls. 

Why tiles get slippery in wet conditions

Most porcelain, ceramic and marble tiles typically have sleek surfaces. Some tiles also have a glossy or glazed finish, with very low traction. These tiles are often chosen by homeowners because they produce neat and elegant appearances. However, when it rains or other wet conditions are present, the co-efficient of friction (COF) lowers drastically. COF is a measurement of the relative ability of a flooring surface to resist the sliding of a certain material (such as a shoe sole).

The sleek surface, combined with the moisture present, can leave your outdoor areas being hazardous to your family, friends and guests. So, how can you achieve non-slip outdoor tile surfaces?

How to get non-slip tiles


Treat Slippery Stairways - Slippery when wet
Patios, entrances, outdoor stairways and walkways are all areas that can be tiled. These are typically high-traffic areas. To increase the traction on these tiles, SlipDoctors recommend using a non-slip tile treatment. There are plenty of anti-slip coatings available on the market to create traction on tiles, however, choosing one for your tiled floors can be challenging. Not all products create the same level of grip, durability or finish. Some may change the look of your tiles, while others may easily corrode or chip over time.

One of the products that are most effective in treating outdoor tiles is Stone Grip. This is a coating that can be used to achieve non-slip outdoor porcelain tile, non-slip outdoor ceramic tile and non-slip marble tile floors.

Stone Grip is an anti-slip tiles treatment designed to dramatically increase traction on slippery floors even when wet. It creates microscopic treads to increase traction on tiles, concrete and stone floors in minutes. It can be used on all porcelain, stone or ceramic surfaces with no change in appearance.

It is very easy to apply this non-slip outdoor tile solution with a sprayer, microfiber T-mop or Stone Grip Applicator. Once applied, the slip resistance will surpass guidelines recommended by ADA/ANSI for floor safety.

Invest in anti-slip tiles

If you have an outdoor area, whether at home or your workplace, it is your responsibility to ensure it has the needed traction to keep your family and guests safe. Tiles can be particularly slippery, especially when wet conditions are present. And if you want to avoid serious accidents, you have to treat these tiles as soon as possible. Anti-slip tiles treatments immediately lower the risks of slips and falls drastically.

Do you have a question about your outdoor tile areas or are looking for a solution for other surfaces in and around your home, contact our expert team. We have the knowledge and skill to find the best solutions for your property's floors.

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