SlipDoctors Includes New Pendulum Slip-Testing Device in Its Product Range

SlipDoctors Includes New Pendulum Slip-Testing Device in Its Product Range

As people are increasingly looking for innovative solutions to fix slippery surfaces, SlipDoctors recently acquired a Pendulum slip-testing device. This comes as part of the company's efforts to offer a range of unique solutions for home and business owners looking to improve the safety of their properties. 

The device is designed to execute the Pendulum slip test. This test measures the dynamic coefficient of friction (CoF) and reproduces the same characteristics that happen when a person slips on a slippery surface. 

When performed by trained technicians with the right device, the results of the Pendulum test are suitable to accurately measure the slip risk potential of flooring materials in both wet and dry conditions.

How does the Pendulum device work?

The Pendulum device comes with a spring-loaded foot that is designed with standardised rubber, one to imitate a barefoot and the other to imitate a shod foot. The foot is positioned horizontally and released down. It strikes the floor between a predetermined distance and swings through. As it swings, the foot pushes a pointer to a gauge. 

What does the outcome mean?

On the gauge, the numbers represent the Pendulum Test Value (PTV). The PTV is 100 times the CoF. For example, a PTV of 20 is recording a CoF of 0.2. Readings from wet and dry conditions are taken and the results interpreted in the same way, however, there is often a notable difference in the PTV. 

A PTV of 0 - 24 has high slip potential, while a PTV of 36+ has low slip potential. Therefore, the higher the PTV, the better. 

Why do you need testing with the Pendulum device?

By law, it is now required that the floors in a work environment are in good condition and people must be able to move around safely.

slip testing surfaces
The HSE recommends that to be safe, level surfaces should measure a PTV of 36 or above. On inclined floors or surfaces used to carry out certain activities, including lifting, the PTV will be recalculated.

For residential properties, the test is highly beneficial as dangerous areas can be identified and treated. This ensures safer conditions for residents and guests and less risk for slip-and-fall accidents.

When should you have a Pendulum test?

It is most beneficial to have a Pendulum test when investing in new floors, when new floors have been installed, after any changes in cleaning methods occur, after an incident causes concern or as part of routine maintenance.

If you want further information or advice on the Pendulum device or want to request a quote for device rental, contact the SlipDoctors team today. Our equipment rental solution offers flexible and affordable access to the Pendulum device. We typically have a rental period of three to five days, however, additional days can be added at an additional cost. Shipping transit time is not included in the rental period.  


SlipDoctors is a US-based company and a trusted leader in floor safety. The mission of the company is to offer effective, tested solutions that help home and business owners avoid slip-and-fall injuries. 

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