How to Prevent Unnecessary Slips in the Bathtub and Shower

How to Prevent Unnecessary Slips in the Bathtub and Shower

A vast majority of dangerous slips and falls occur in the bathroom. The slick, hard surfaces combined with moisture and soap can make for some hazardous conditions. However, with a few preventative steps, you can dramatically lower your and your family's risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom.

Steps to reduce the risk of falling in the bathtub or shower

  • Keep it clean

The first and most important thing to do is to keep the bathroom clean and free of clutter. Wipe spills up immediately and clean off any soap residue before and after a bath or shower. Additionally, don’t let anything stand around. Store away any unnecessary items so that there is enough open space to move around.

  • Install grab bars

To improve safety in and out of the bathtub or shower, you can install a reachable grab bar. For people with limited mobility, a grab bar can provide a much safer way to use the bathroom.

  • Install a new shower base

After many years of use, shower bases can become more slippery. If the base has corroded over time, you can invest in a completely new shower base. Onyx shower bases are always recommended because they are extremely durable and hold up well under pressure from weight and running water. However, no matter which base you choose, it is important to also use a non-slip product to increase the traction on the new base.

  • Get a bath or shower seat

This can be especially useful for seniors who struggle with limited mobility. A sturdy bath or shower seat provides you with a place to sit rather than stand and, therefore, lowers the risk of slipping.

  • Use a rubber mat

Rubber has natural slip-resistant qualities. So, installing a rubber mat in your bathtub or shower can lower the risk of slipping or falling. However, it is still important to keep in mind that rubber mats can still move around when moisture and soap are present, so it is not always the most effective solution.

  • Use a non-slip coating product
Tub Grip for all types of shower trays and tubs

One of the most powerful solutions to increase traction on slippery floors is with a non-slip shower floor coating. If you're looking for a coating for all types of shower trays and tubs, Tub Grip is ideal. This product is a highly durable water-based coating designed to provide anti-slip protection on acrylic and slippery fiberglass shower base and tub surfaces.


Invest in a solution to avoid slips and falls in the bathroom today

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Therefore, it is so important to invest in a solution to safeguard your bathroom as soon as possible. If you need help with finding the right solution for you, contact the team at SlipDoctors. We specialize in a large range of anti-slip products that will help to increase traction on your bathroom surfaces.

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