Residential Testimonials

Shown below is a partial list of testimonials from residential customers.

5/5: Easy to apply. Our dogs no longer slip. And our wood laminate floor actually looks better than it did before.
C.G.- February 24, 2016

5/5: Hello- My husband took a terrible fall completely out of the bath tub landing hard on a concrete floor. He was using the usual bath tub floor mat. We have also tried the stickers but they always came loose and were dangerous. I found this product on the internet I knew there had to be a good fix to this problem somewhere! I received the product and followed the easy directions and WOW I was so amazed on how good it works. The product is invisible and it applies a texture that keep your feet into place while taking a shower. I highly recommend it to every household this product will save peoples lives. Thank you!
Judy - January 1, 2015

5/5: "FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! I have just recovered from the shock I received from your follow through. No one follows through in this day in age! Please forward this to your superiors, they need to know you are doing a fantastic job!"
Anthony & Stacie Minopoli, February 3, 2016

5/5: "Can't wait for weather to warm up so can use"
xgasman, January 23, 2016

5/5: Modern tech at it's best!
By Randy Kepple I bought this for three reasons. 1) It's made in the USA. I love supporting American ingenuity and you can easily find this company on the web. There are a lot of other, similar products that are less money, but you're really rolling the dice. 2) It's guaranteed to last at least 2 years. That's reassuring to me and in the event it doesn't last, I know how to get in touch with the company. 3) I have three daughters and a wife. Our shower sees a lot of action. We've tried nearly every stick on non-slip decals and mat on the market. The decals fail and are ugly. The mats either slip as bad as having no mats or they get moldy and gross underneath.

The hardest past about applying this product was simply cleaning my tub. That took a lot of elbow grease and some Comet. Once the tub was clean and dry, I put on the protective glove (supplied) and poured out the two small bottles of liquid into the tub. Then you take the scrub pad (also supplied) and disperse the liquid onto the bottom of your tub. After 10 minutes, you rinse out the tub. I let mine sit overnight before using it. This morning, I took my first shower with the product applied and it was nothing short of miraculous! I can't recommend this product more highly. As long as it lasts as advertised, I will tell everyone I know about this stuff.
By Randy Kepple - December 9, 2015

5/5:Use the Slip Doctor to avoid the Hip Doctor!
My husband has mobility issues stemming from inner ear vestibular issues, neuropathy and partial paralysis - a deadly combination when it comes to slick surfaces. The Slip Doctor tub treatment will likely save us a trip to the Hip Doctor!

If you are seeking an anti-slip solution for your porcelain tub, this is by far the best solution I can recommend! Take a kitchen magnet, if it sticks to your tub then you have a porcelain tub - this product is suitable.

The box includes:
2 small bottles of green solution (seems to be a caustic - smells like Nair hair remover)
1 green scrubby like a 3M scotch pad (actually in my box it was the real deal)
1 glove - if you have latex sensitivity you may want to invest in a box of latex free surgical gloves.
1 magnet sticker (Ours was too weak to stick to the porcelain tub - if yours fails to stick, try a kitchen magnet) Instruction card.

This was sooo simple to make our tub safer! Just in case this did NOT work I initially experimented with half the tub towards the drain so I only pealed off the remainder of the adhesive tub strips (4 pkgs in 2 years) in that half of our tub. I thoroughly cleaned the tub with scrubbing bubbles and scrubbed with a different 3M green scrubby (I could have used the one supplied though I did not realize it at the time) then rinsed well and allowed to thoroughly dry. I prepped my chemicals and supplies, then set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes (they say 4 to 8 minutes, I allowed longer time due to the critical nature for our household). When ready I "dripped" the green solution onto the floor of the tub, not allowing it to run anywhere (keep off metal such as the drain!) I used the scrubby and made circular scrubbing motions with the scrubby, lazily, as I made sure all the treated surfaces remained damp for the duration. I only used 1/3 of 1 bottle for this treatment on half the tub. After the timer alarmed, I rinsed the tub down and tested the wet tub with bare feet. PERFECT! The treated half was NOT slippery, the untreated half was VERY slippery in between the remainder of the tub strips! Obviously I peeled off the remainder, followed the steps above, and retreated the ENTIRE tub with the remaining 2/3rds of the first bottle. This package contains enough chemicals to treat one tub twice (if desired), or two tubs. Not wanting to waste the chemicals nor wanting to store them, and due to the critical nature of our household I used the other bottle and performed another complete treatment on our tub... you do NOT need to do this, I simply wanted to ensure the safety of my husband and our family!

UPDATE: I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Our tub stays cleaner without the adhesive strips and is MUCH safer for our family members including the dogs when I bath them in the tub. Our tub has remained non-slip even with repeated daily use.
Jeri Zerr , January 19, 2015

5/5: "Great seller and incredible product. I used it for my tiled shower. Directions were easy to follow. I expected some fumes but noticed nothing. Entire process took me 15 minutes to make my shower non slip. Customer service is 5 star too."
Mike Adams, January 17, 2015

4/5: "Received product quickly. Very pleased with delivery. Worked as described"
Robin P, December 26, 2015

5/5: "Good phone support. Excellent product. Worked great. Great traction in the shower now. Be sure to follow instructions on the bottle."
Bill, December 9, 2015

5/5: "I needed my product delivered earlier then stipulated and contacted the seller who replied promptly and shipped the product earlier for me"
Gary Katzman, December 7, 2015

5/5: "As Promised"
Dan M., November 19, 2015

5/5: "Very fast delivery. Product exactly as described."
Cindy Prewitt, November 6, 2015

5/5: "good product"
Kelvin Carrion, November 2, 2015

4/5: "Arrived next day. Used in fiberglass shower - product works as advertised. Very happy!"
Melinda H., October 3, 2015

5/5: "Great product. Take time to really clean the floor before use and also take time to tape and mask off a pleasing, professional looking boundary with rounded edges. Also protect higher up so you don't get overspray where not wanted. Two coats, sprayed in different directions give a perfect finish. Excellent, non-slip result with total transparency. Expensive, but worth it."
Harold c., September 29, 2015

5/5: "Fast shipping, well packed and is as described. A very good seller! "
Ronda M., September 25, 2015

5/5: "I love this product!"
Charles E Wittenbraker, September 12, 2015

5/5: "I received product as promised."
Linda Rocka, September 9, 2015

DENNIS L., August 28, 2015

5/5: "easy and fast purchase. Arrived early."
lee b., August 22, 2015

5/5: "Quick and good."
James W., August 7, 2015

5/5: "Great product. However, a little goes a long way! I sprayed my jacuzzi bathtub with several layers of the non-slip product and now the tub bottom is as rough as sandpaper. Spray sparingly!" KSK-Texas, July 21, 2015

5/5: "Had the product in no time. Very fast shipping."
Jim S., June 5, 2015

5/5: "No problems with my order. Product arrived on time and good quality."
MagdaleneMaria, June 4, 2015

5/5: "My great grandson said it is the bestest mail I have ever received."
"Rebel", May 25, 2015

5/5: "Great seller"
Joelle H., April 16, 2015

5/5: "Everything was great about this purchase."
Patricia Walker, April 14, 2015

4/5: "great service!"
WILLIAM A., April 12, 2015

5/5: "Great product"
Joe b., March 28, 2015

4/5: "Excellent seller!!! Good product"
alex , March 3, 2015

5/5: "This product is wonderful!! Easy to put on and didn't hurt the ceramic tiles in our shower, yet they are no longer slippery. I highly recommend this product. Great product!"
Josephine J., February 15, 2015

5/5: "This products works! Thank you."
melinda, January 25, 2015

5/5: "Excellent"
Patricia M., January 5, 2015

5/5: "Very satisfied with transaction A+++++++++++++++++"
Michael W., December 13, 2015

5/5: "These people have been very helpful and I have recommended this product to many others. I really works with no change in the shower surface."
JOYCE E. karsko, September 25, 2015

5/5: "Very Fast Shipping. Will Do Business Again."
Xian O., August 3, 2015

5/5: "The stuff really works. My bathtub didn't feel or look any different, but it was not slippery after using this stuff."
van compton, June 4, 2015

5/5: "I used it and worked Amazing!"
Lisa C., May 28, 2015

4/5: "Product as advertised. No surprises."
wingchunkuen, May 16, 2015

5/5: "Thank you."
Maria, March 14, 2015

5/5: "Very Happy with the results. Friction is just right.
Peter Munro - 12/20/2015

5/5: Very happy! 12/21/2015

5/5: Very happy with the results! No more grungy bathtub mat!!!
Enid - 01/05/2015

5/5: GREAT PRODUCT....! We would be interested in representing the product in our local market!
Stace - 04/06/2015

5/5: Very happy, one application and problem solved!!!! The slippery floor is slippery no more...
Anthony and Marguerite Muller - 04/06/2015

5/5: My husband and I have been pleased with the treatment on the tub. It's nice to not have to use a bath mat. My two young children ages 6 and 3 can take a shower and we both have peace of mind they are safe and won't slip. I also like the treatment because my 8 month old daughter can safely sit in the tub and I don't have to worry about her slipping over and hitting her head on the side of the tub.
Laurie Coghe - 04/07/2015

5/5: I have tile around my pool and screened area, and worked "beautifully"! The directions were clear, as to amount needed for desired friction. I recently had my interior floors replaced with a tile that looks like wood, and is shiny. After installation, I discovered, this gets slippery when wet. I will need to treat the tile, but first will do a test patch.
S Pufal - 04/07/2015

5/5: Yes. I treated outside steps that were tiled by the previous owner. They were treacherous when wet and nearly impossible to stand on with light snow. Friction was much better after application.
John Woldram - 04/07/2015

5/5: Very happy with the product!
Mike Buss - 04/11/2015

5/5: I love this product. It has made getting into and out of the tub much safer!
Marine Elana Reyes - 09/28/2015