Stone Grip Non Slip bathtub The Center for Disease control and prevention (CDC) estimates over 205,000 fatalities occurred from falling in the US between 1999-2009. Obviously the combination of water and the slick hard surface of the shower floor make the bathroom the most at risk place for injuries/deaths from slipping. Please make sure to stay safe and treat your showers to make them less slippery.

Recommended Product:

SlipDoctors™ Non Slip Spray

non slip acrylicLonglasting and Slip-Resistant Epoxy Coating. Easy to apply and leaves behind a non-slip texture easy on the feet. Near invisible and dries within 20 minutes to the touch with one coat. Allow 12 hours before use of the shower or tub. Each can covers up to 15 Sq Ft or 2-3 tubs. Available in clear or white. Will work on any shower!
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