Resilient Floors - Vinyl

Stone Grip Nonslip-Vinyl Vinyl flooring is made from a variety of plastics and is one of the most popular types of flooring used in the U.S. Vinyl is most commonly found in residential kitchens, bathrooms, and retail and commercial establishments. High quality vinyl is one of the most durable types of flooring available and can hold up extremely well against denting from heavy objects. It is a popular choice because vinyl can be found in designs that replicate the look of various hard surfaces, such as wood, concrete and tile. Vinyl's low cost, durability and relatively low maintenance make it ideal for high traffic areas since it will withstand more wear than other floors. Vinyl's smooth surface can be slippery, especially when wet. We recommend the following product to help make your vinyl floors more slip resistant.

Recommended Product

SlipDoctors™ Floor Grip

Floor GripSlipDoctors exclusive coating for vinyl floors. This easy-to-apply coating will increase traction for years, and leaves behind a high gloss look. Water-based sealer with zero VOC's and fumes. All orders include easy-to-follow instructions. For interior or exterior use. Each gallon covers 500-600 square feet.
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