Sheet Vinyl

Stone Grip Non Slip Sheet Metal Sheet vinyl is a resilient flooring that is found most commonly in 6- to 12-foot rolls. Sheet vinyl accounts for approximately 85% of vinyl flooring sales. It is commonly used in sports/athletic facilities and recreational areas, and is popular for covering large areas because it is relatively seamless. It is a low-maintenance flooring option and will accept the paint lines necessary for creating athletic courts. Sheet vinyl is a very smooth surface that can be slippery, especially when wet. We recommend the following product to help make your vinyl sheet floor more slip resistant.

Recommended Product

SlipDoctors™ Floor Grip

Floor GripSlipDoctors exclusive coating for vinyl sheet floors. This easy-to-apply coating will increase traction for years to come and leaves behind a high gloss look. Water-based sealer with zero VOC's and fumes. All orders include easy-to-follow instructions. For interior or exterior use. Each gallon covers 500-600 square feet.
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