Coating nonslip ramp Ramps are found almost everywhere. They are usually required in many public areas by the ADA. Often they are made from steel, wood, or even concrete. The ADA requires the COF of any ramp to be above 0.7 COF. Now you can paint a high traction coating of any color. Used in large school districts, hotels, casinos, and restaurants.

Recommended Product:

SlipDoctors™ Tuff Grip

Tuff GripOur most aggressive traction improvement product. Tuff Grip can be used inside or outside to make any floor anti-skid. Popular uses are on loading ramps, roof top walkways, warehouse floors, garage floors, etc. It's a maximum grip coating that's environmentally and user friendly. Tuff Grip's flexibility is chip, scuff and impact resistant. To apply, roll on the coating with a textured roller, and a textured surface is created! .
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