Glass Surfaces

Stone Grip Nonslip Glass Glass is a hard,smooth, sleek surface that is found on floors, stages, tables and many other areas residentially and commercially. Glass a great option for plethora of surfaces but is a notoriously slippery surface. People love the look of glass, it is very aesthetically pleasing. However, that same sleek, smooth surface tends to be quite slippery. Decrease this safety hazard and treat your glass surfaces with our non-slip solution.

Recommended Product:

SlipDoctors™ Non Slip Spray

non slip fiberglassLonglasting and Slip-Resistant Epoxy Coating. Easy to apply and leaves behind a non-slip texture easy on the feet. Near invisible and dries within 20 minutes to the touch with one coat. Allow 12 hours before use of surface. Each can covers up to 15 Sq Ft or 2-3 tubs. Available in clear, white or black.
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