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SKU: S-MTR-3000E

The new BOT-3000E has been redesigned for increased reliability and functionality. Measures both Dynamic and Static Coefficient of Friction. Please contact us for additional information regarding this device.

We have used units for sale starting at $6,100.

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GS1 - Gold Standard 1

The GS1 is an NFSI approved device for DCOF. Some of the features are it is operator independent, reproducable results, and concurrent graphic desplay. It will measure both SCOF and DCOF. Price includes case and tablet computer. Contact us for details.




SKU: S-MTR-3000

The BOT-3000 is an advanced, user-friendly, digital tribometer. The BOT-3000 measures both Dynamic and Static Coefficient of Friction. Purchase now a gently used devices.


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English XL


Developed in the early 1990's by William English, The English XL is a device designed to measure pedestrian slip resistance. This device is small and portable and is powered by a gas burst instead of gravity, like the James Machine. The English XL is a Variable Incidence Tribometer or VIT. The variable incidence tribometer unit applies force to the flooring surface and attempts to recreate the force of a human foot contacting the floor. The test foot cylinder contacts the surface in a heel-first manner, similar to the human foot. The size of the test foot is also similar to the area of heel contact in human walking. Read More Contact us for a gently used model for sale.

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Slip Test Mark IIIB

Slip-Test Mark IIIB

The Slip-Test Mark IIIB is the totally re-engineered update of Dr. Robert Brungraber's original research-proven Mark II / Mark III design. Heavy duty billet aluminum construction, yet only 10 pounds - and its sturdy case fits in an airplane overhead. No batteries or CO2 to buy. Conforms to ASTM F2508. Contact us for availability and purchasing.



American Slip Meter 825A


The World's Most Compact and affordable Slip Meter! An everyday tool for monitoring floor safety and maintenance. Designed for portability and for field use. A simple test of the coefficient of friction level of your floors and walkways will provide valuable data about safety levels and ongoing maintenance. Recording of readings in the logbook provided are useful in defense of negligence litigation.

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  • New 825A - $895
  • Used 825A - $800

$800 - $895

$865 / 2 (4% off)
$845/ 4+ (6% off)


American Slip Meter 825 - USED

Same great floor meter just gently used. This sturdy digital gauge is designed for field use. Test wet or dry floors to instantly measure slipperiness the coefficient of friction. Limited quantity in stock. Call us to see if one is availiable.



American Slip Meter 725 - USED

Similar to the 825 but with an analog display. Great Slip Meter with detailed readings. Get instant readings with this device to determine the COF levels on your floor. Call us to see if we have one in stock.