High Traction Coating Products

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SlipDoctors products are easy to apply and result in marked improvement in surface traction. All products are manufactured in the United States and developed by top chemists in their fields.


SlipDoctors Dura Grip
For All Surfaces

SKU: 856669002684 Item# S-CT-DURBLKQT
COF 0.80(coefficient of friction)

Dura Grip is a super-tough solvent-based Epoxy that provides a textured surface for safe foot traffic in both wet and dry conditions. Contains a synthetic grit perfect for all shoes and barefeet. Easy application with a brush or roller. Can be used as an effective non-skid paint for boat decks, ladders, diamond plate metal, truck lift gates, aluminum ramps and stairs. Two year shelf life! Contact us for custom colors.

For Dura Grip waterbased (W/B) colors, please call us to place your order.

Nap Rollers available here!

One quart covers up to 75 Sq. Ft.- 1 Gallon covers 300 Sq. Ft.
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$125.00 / Gallon (51% off)
$550.00 / 5 Gallons(65% off)



SlipDoctors Tuff Grip Extreme Kit
For All Surfaces

SKU: 856669002387 Item# S-CT-TUFEXBL1G
COF 1.00+(coefficient of friction)

Need faster drying times? Order Tuff Grip Extreme Kit! Includes exclusive crosslinker for increased product performance, 4-6 hours dry times, and chemical resistance. Ideal for industrial settings or heavy traffic areas. Roller included. Tuff Grip Extreme Kit not available in Clear.

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$135.00 / 5+ (19% off)


Note: 5 Gallons are normally
packaged in 5 Gallon Pails

SlipDoctors Tuff Grip
For All Surfaces

SKU: 856669002585 Item# S-CT-TUFCLR1G
COF 0.99+(coefficient of friction)

Our most aggressive traction-improvement product. Tuff Grip can be used indoors or outdoors to make any floor anti-skid. Popular uses include loading ramps, rooftop walkways, warehouse floors, garage floors, and more. It is a maximum-grip coating that is environmentally safe and easy to apply. To apply, roll on the coating with a textured roller, and a textured surface is created! The coating air dries quickly. Two Year Shelf Life!

One gallon covers up to 100 Sq. Ft/Gal in 2 coats. Contact us for custom colors above 30 gallons.

Crosslinker available here!
Roller available here!

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$95.00 / 5+ (19% off)


Note: 5 Gallons are normally
packaged in 5 Gallon Pails
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