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Land O'Lakes

Area of work: Main Factory Wookroom (2,000 sq ft)
Problem: Factory workers easily slipped and fell on slippery concrete flooring.
Solution: 2 Coats / Tuff Grip
Review / Response: Since its application, we've experienced less incidents due to these high traction solutions. The installer was knowledgeable and very friendly in the process.


Area of work:Synthetic wood surrounding ride exits (2,000 sq ft)
Problem: Patrons and children are slipping on wet floors exiting rides in many areas;
Solution: 1 Coat / Floor Grip - Matte.
Review / Response: After testing several products internally we decided to use SlipDoctors. We prefer to use SlipDoctors' solutions whenever these issues occur.


Area of work:Over 250 Metal Ramps
Problem: Customers slipping on metal ramps exiting training and loading docks areas;
Solution: 1 Coat / Tuff Grip - Black
Review / Response: Patrons kept slipping when entering and exiting the trains. After discussing with SlipDoctors this seemed to be a "no-brainer" for us. After our initial discussion and work performed from the provider, the problem was solved!

Sunrise Senior Living

Area of work:Fiberglass Showers
Problem: Senior residents slipping and falling in the shower.
Solution: 1 Coat / Bathtub Boating
Review / Response: At Sunrise Senior Living we strive to be a safe environment for our residents. Once we noticed a few different individuals were slipping in our showers we took immediate action. After meeting the local team, we immediately treated all our fiberglass showers. We no longer have to worry about slip hazards for our residents. We could not be happier with the product and result.


Area of work:Ceramic Tile in locker rooms; hallways, and pool deck.
Problem: Members were slipping on wet ceramic tiles throughout locker rooms and pool areas;
Solution: 8 minute exposure / Step System
Review / Response: Unbelievable! Large improvements in traction with no appearance change. We will be notifying other YMCA locations of our success with SlipDoctors and the local provider.

Fairfield Inn by Marriott

Area of work:Ceramic Tile in entrance, lobby and hallways.
Problem: Hotel guests tracking rain onto lobby floor and water dripping from pool guests onto tile hallway near elevator bank.
Solution: 10 minute exposure / Step System.
Review / Response: Your team were true experts. Problem Solved! The hotel no longer has issues with slips on these areas. The local SlipDoctors provider was great to work with. Highly recommend.

Rosewood Hotels

Area of work:1200 Square feet of Quarry Tile on stairs, sundeck and handicap-equipped showers.
Problem: Client had issues with slippery tiles and stairs around pool and shower tiles.
Solution: 10 minute exposure / Step System.
Review / Response: Hotel Management was satisfied with the results and have contracted more work with us as a result. Happy to see this challenge was taken care of within one day by the local provider.

Four Seasons Hotels

Area of work:4000 square feet of tiles surrounding swimming pool.
Problem: Client had issues with slippery tiles near the swimming pool.
Solution: 8 minute exposure / Step System
Review / Response: Hotel Management was satisfied with the results from the SlipDoctors provider of the treatment and feels that the likelihood of an accident has been greatly reduced. We have forwarded your information to some other properties who also have the same concern.

City of Dallas Aquarium

Area of work:Sloped concrete areas surrounding Children's Sting-ray Petting Tank.
Problem: Client wanted higher traction levels of polished concrete surrounding the tank.
Solution: 10 minute exposure / Step System
Review / Response: Substantial improvement in safety due to increased traction, especially on the slopped sections. Installer was very profesional and patient with our buildout schedule.

Texas Rangers MLB Baseball

Area of work:Restroom Tiles; Steps in stadium;
Problem: Client's liability claims for slip and fall accidents associated with public restrooms and slick, painted steps throughout stadium;
Solution: 10 minute exposure / Step System in the Restrooms. Tuff Grip for steps.
Review / Response: The improvement of traction has led to significant decrease in claims and complaints in the restrooms and on the stadium stairs.

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