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From June in Washington
Glad I bought this. We have wood laminate flooring and it’s on our stairs as well. I once almost ate sh*t going down the stairs. Laminate is very slippery. So I bought this because I have small children who like to run. And this has helped a lot. I haven’t slipped once since I got this. We are though more careful coming down the stairs. So I can’t say it works magic but it does help minimize slipping. And you can hardly tell it’s there. Love that because I didn’t want to kill the look of my brand new flooring.
From John in Texas
I ordered these for my daughter’s bathtub and they work great! She loves them because they are fun to look at in the tub and I love that she has a safe non-slip bottom in the tub without a dirty mat that constantly has to cleaned. Following the directions, these went on really easy and have been in the tub for over a month now. They have withstood multiple baths and weekly cleanings without issue.
From Debbie in Kansas
We have a 16 y/o Australian Cattle Dog who had fallen in our kitchen and dislocated her hip. She had almost recovered from her fall when she slipped again in the bathroom on some puddled water. We had every rug I could find to prevent another fall that would surely have taken her life. I found Slip Doctors floor grip and decided to give it a try. It was easy to apply and actually looks pretty nice too. Daisy is now walking securely on our vinyl floors. One tip I have is when you remove the tape from around the edges, make certain the product has completely cured before removing. We had to reapply where it had lifted with the tape. We used a razor blade to keep that from happening with the rest of the floors when removing the tape.
From Frank in Texas
This stuff WORKS!!! Cleaned, rinsed, and dried the tub THOROUGHLY, applied one bottle as directed. (Note; the scrubbing pad in the package is only used to evenly spread liquid during the application time, no need to apply pressure). After completing the process, my wife ran her hand across the surface and stated that I wasted my time and money, because the tub didn’t look or feel any different than before the application (she was expecting a rough, sandpaper feel). Later, we each showered and discovered that in fact it works BETTER than advertised. We are completely satisfied.
From Kate in Maryland
Applied on my very smooth surface front step. worked great! has even stood up to ice, snow and -17 degree temps with no problem.


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