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About SlipDoctors

How long has SlipDoctors been in business? SlipDoctors and our parent company, SoftTec Products, were founded in July 2008 by Greg Cohen and Gary Cohen.

Do you have corporate customers? Our customers include almost every major hotel chain, restaurant, casino, and assisted living facility. Contact us to hear about our recent installations.

Does SlipDoctors manufacture its products? Yes, we are the manufacturer. All SlipDoctors' chemicals and coatings are developed and made in the United States, most right in the DFW Metroplex.

Product Questions

Are the products safe? Providers must follow the respective specific precautions and safety guidelines for each product. We provide up-to-date TDS & SDS documents that details this information.  Many products comply with USDA certification.

What is the expected duration of slip resistance after a surface has been treated? A treatment with SlipDoctors' products may last between 5 to 10 years depending on the product and environment. Providers will include a two-year written warranty with any application.

What is the shelf life of SlipDoctors' products? If sealed and properly stored, most products can last over 5 years!

Do you offer a solution for wood, vinyl, VCT, metal, painted surfaces, sealed surfaces or linoleum floors? Yes. SlipDoctors' Floor Grip, Dura Grip or Tuff Grip products are very effective on these surfaces. Contact us for specific product information.

Operational Questions

Are there possible legal implications to selling a solution to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents? It is important to communicate to your customers that you are selling products to help increase traction. By increasing a surface's coefficient of friction (COF), the likelihood of a fall is reduced. SlipDoctors and its Providers should never promise to eliminate slip-and-fall accidents. If this is accurately communicated verbally and in writing, then legal implications are avoided.

How long will it take to get started? Most of our Providers start approaching the market within a few days after scheduled training. Some have sold jobs in the first week! We can ship all product and equipment within days after signing up and can often perform training immediately.

Do I get a territory? Based upon your location, you will be included within the Metropolitan Statistical Area ("MSA") for your home ZIP Code, and this territory will be stated in your Agreement. The maximum number of active Solution Providers within an MSA is based upon population density. As an independent contractor, you are not restricted from selling or servicing customers outside the assigned territory. Contact us for more details.

Technical Questions

Do I need a Slip Meter? Yes, we require that all Solution Providers perform COF tests to national industry standards. We will train you on how to operate this equipment to ensure your customers flooring surfaces meet the minimum ADA recommendations.

Can training be held at my location or via Skype? Yes! We can do Skype (at no charge) or live training at your location (for an additional fee). Call us to discuss the details so we can accommodate your schedule.

What are Provider costs per square foot? For example, your costs per square foot depends on the product and dilution ratio used. Using the Three-Step System, your average costs can be close to $0.02 per square foot. Therefore, for a typical job of 2,000 sq ft, a Provider's product cost could be less than $40.

Are any of the products endorsed by leading bathtub or shower manufacturers? Yes, we have documents direct from manufacturers stating that our products can be used and will not affect the full warranty of bathtubs or showers. Call us to discuss this in more detail!

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